Tribute – Bouquet, February 23 – 19 March 2021

by Andrew Paul Wood Following the horrific events of March 15, 2019, one of the most striking visual memories of the period were the huge walls and drifts of flowers that the residents of Christchurch left in front of the Al Noor and Linwood mosques. When you are so shocked and emotionally overwhelmed by an… View more

Painting in the Anthropocene

Dr Andrew Paul Wood In recent years coral has become an important symbol of our increasingly precarious ecological balance. Coral has long been at risk from exploitation for jewellery and tourist souvenirs, agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, blast fishing, overfishing leading to population explosions among crown-of-thorns starfish, and more recently ocean acidification (climate change’s just as… View more

Art New Zealand – James Robinson ‘EDGELAND’ review

Jasmine Gallagher reviews James Robinson‘s exhibition ‘EDGELAND‘ – the unsayable being said over and over… response works to David Eggleton’s poetry in the latest Art New Zealand Summer issue. The artworks in ‘EDGELAND’ often feel like a sea of words, with Eggleton’s poems written liberally onto some of the canvasses. This oceanic aspect of the… View more

SEEING WHAT’S THERE – Floortalk Fri 30 Oct, 12noon

Join Marian Maguire, curator of Seeing what’s there, for a discussion about the individuality of observation. Friday 30 Oct, 12noon. Free entry, all welcome! Exhibition features: Philippa Blair, Nigel Buxton, Katharina Jaeger, Maurice Lye, Richard McWhannell, Andrew Ross Exhibition until 6 November

Darryn George named The Wallace Arts Trust Second Award Winner

A massive congratulations to gallery artist Darryn George who was named a winner at The 29th Annual Wallace Art Awards.   Darryn George was The Wallace Arts Trust Second Award Winner for his work Mara #26, 2020, oil pastel and acrylic on canvas, 1570 x 2180 x 55mm. “A work that speaks strongly of ‘our time’, and… View more

Eye Contact- Grant Banbury on Joanna Braithwaite’s latest works

Joanna Braithwaite: Noisier Than Ever by Grant Banbury, 2 September, 2020 Grant Banbury reviews Joanna Braithwaite‘s latest exhibition Hullaballoo at Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.     As ringmaster, Braithwaite (out of sight in this series but that’s not always the case), calls her performers to attention, marching them head-long in the same direction. Taking aboard… View more


12 January – 19 February Rotating Summer Show Recent works and old favourites viewable throughout the gallery. Julia Holden, Richard McWhannell, Marian Maguire, W.D Hammond, Euan Macleod, James Robinson, Vivienne Murchison, Tony Bond, Ralph Hotere, Terry Stringer, Katharina Jaeger, John Reynolds, Donna-Marie Patterson, Philippa Blair, Nigel Buxton, Andrew Ross, Aiko Robinson, Rebecca Harris, Grant Takle,… View more

EDGELAND – Poetry reading with David Eggleton – Mon 31 Aug, 5:30pm

Please join us this Monday evening for a glass of wine and poetry reading with poet laureate David Eggleton. Monday 31 August, 5:30pm – Free entry – all welcome  James Robinson’s splendid exhibition EDGELAND (…the unsayable being said over and over) is a response to David Eggleton’s latest poetry volume. (EDGELAND exhibition ends 14 August – don’t miss… View more

James Robinson – EDGELAND – Exhibition and Artist Talk

JAMES ROBINSON : EDGELAND (…the unsayable being said over and over) Response works to David Eggleton PREVIEW: Mon 17 August, 5.30pm James Robinson will be attending ARTIST TALK: Tues 18 Aug, 12 noon For a glimpse of James Robinson’s exhibition see this youtube Video Clip Exhibition on until 11 September

John Reynolds on Radio New Zealand

John Reynolds talks with Kim Hill back in April 2019 about his ongoing exploration of Colin McCahon’s disapearance in 1984, and how he translates this event through his artwork. With his exhibition In the street l was lost… John Reynolds extends his ‘Lost Hours’ series, which began by pondering the Colin McCahon’s disappearance in Sydney on the… View more