Euan Macleod wins Dobell Drawing Prize, National Art School NSW

Artist Euan Macleod in front of Winning Artwork


Multi award-winning artist Euan Macleod has won the $30,000 Dobell Drawing Prize with a pastel-on-paper work entitled Borderlands.

Each of the 15 postcard-sized images in the work depict scenes from the NSW/Queensland border when it briefly reopened in July at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Most of the images also incorporate figures, which is characteristic of Macleod’s other work, as his preoccupation with location.

“It’s all about getting a sense of place – drawing, painting, it doesn’t matter,”…“Just getting a sense of where you are. Often I’m drawing people in motion because I absolutely adore that.”

Exerpts from the Sydney Morning Herald article by Nick Galvin


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