James Robinson in ‘Abstraction from The Suter’s collection IV’ 4 – Nov 2023-24 March 2024

Over the Summer be sure to check out James Robinson’s work at
the Suter Art Gallery in Nelson.

Disruptive Order: Abstraction from The Suter’s collection IV

The Suter Art Gallery208 Bridge StreetNelson, 7010New Zealand

This is the fourth exhibition in a series that showcases different ways of creating abstract art. Abstract art is art that does not try to represent reality, but uses shapes, colours, lines, and textures to express ideas and emotions.

In this exhibition, you will see how artists use repetition to create different effects in their abstract artworks. Some artists repeat expressive marks or strokes to show their feelings or moods. Some artists repeat geometric shapes or patterns to create order or harmony. Some artists repeat optical illusions or movements to create visual excitement or confusion.

You will also see a large work by James Robinson, a guest artist who uses found objects and materials to make abstract sculptures and paintings. His work explores themes of decay, transformation, and renewal.

To complete your experience, you can visit the Contemplation Gallery, where you will find an installation by Fran Maguire called I’m Pulse. This installation uses ceramic forms and sound to create a rhythmic and meditative space.