Metropol Feature

Poignant art

Experience an art exhibition that speaks to the universal themes of love and humanity through the lens of time.

PGgallery 192 invites you to view Euan Macleod’s collection, showcasing the bitter sweet journey of familial bonds through the unravelling timelines of youth and old age.

Having exhibited extensively in both Australia and New Zealand, Euan’s expressive use of acrylics and oils carve out the depth and complexity of life’s endings and beginnings. Masterfully crafted and titled ‘June and Henry,’ this internationally accomplished Sydney-based, Christchurch-born artist honours his mum June and grandson Henry, who have never met, in a vividly personal, emotive collection. “I urge you to find your own story in the work, your own memories,” shares Euan.

Through this powerful narrative, each artwork portrays the delicate balance of joy and sorrow. One theme resonating deeply; the heart-wrenching experience of witnessing one’s beloved mother, once strong, vibrant and talented, slowly fading away from the person they were.

Euan captures the raw emotion of loss and the enduring legacy of love amidst the dramatic landscapes of Sumner
and Scarborough. ‘June and Henry,’ a touching tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.

On show: Tuesday 5 March—5 April 2024.

IMAGE: Euan Macleod ‘Road going up’ 2023, oil on polyester, 38x51cm (top). Euan Macleod ‘Mum On Closed Summit Road’ 2023, oil on polyester, 100x124cm (below).