COAST – group exhibition 4 June – 5 July 2024

Artists respond to the dynamic boundary between land and sea Josh Bashford, Jacqui Colley, Maurice Lye, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Vivienne Murchison, Jenna Packer, Chris Pole, Stefan Roberts Coastlines delineate the human realm yet the line between land and sea is never fixed. Coastal regions – beaches, cliffs, estuaries – are ever-changing and often fragile…. View more


4 June – 5 July: COAST – the dynamic boundary between land and sea Featuring: Josh Bashford, Jacqui Colley, Maurice Lye, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Vivienne Murchison, Jenna Packer, Chris Pole, Stefan Roberts 9 – 27 July: Philippa Blair – Afloat Marian Maguire – World OPENING: Tues 9 July, 5.30pm 30 July – 16 August:… View more

NIGEL BUXTON – Folds & Shadows – 7-31 May 2024

In this colourful exhibition Nigel Buxton presents paintings in the tradition of trompe l’oeil. These works, at first glance, persuade us to accept illusion. Paint modelled on flat surface tricks us, for a moment, into believing we see drapery in three dimensions. The flops and folds of fabric curve sensuously in and out of shadow… View more

GRANT TAKLE – Sound Proof – 7-31 May 2024

Grant Takle has cut a couple of hundred records into neat sections to make Sound Proof. The discs ­­– now in halves, quarters and thirds – are silenced, yet the suggestion of music is not. What comes across is the visual resonance of a grooved rhythm in reflective black, rippling across the wall. The colour… View more

ANDREW BOND – A Playlist for Nipper – 9 April–3 May 2024

  Most of us at some stage have encountered the ‘His Master’s Voice’ logo, The curious cross-breed terrier peering into the sound-horn of an old-style gramaphone. This image has become the inspiration behind Andrew Bond’s latest suite of paintings. His love of music and its pivotal role as a catalyst for image making within his… View more

MikiNobu Komatsu – CLASSIC AOTEAROA – 9 April–3 May 2024

In this selection of 21 photographs, assembled over decades of exploring New Zealand, Sydney-based photographer MikiNobu Komatsu invites you to cast fresh eyes on Aotearoa’s buildings, streets and landmarks – some of which are still with us, others no longer existing. These photographs reflect his artist’s eye and capture light and shadow as much as… View more

EUAN MACLEOD – June & Henry – 5 March-5 April, 2024

In this poignant exhibition of new paintings by Sydney-based artist Euan Macleod, figures again roam dramatic landscapes. He imagines his ageing mother, June, making her way along the familiar routes of the Port Hills and Lyttelton Harbour, walking-stick in hand. Sometimes she has her great grandson Henry in tow. The two have never met. Through… View more

Philip Trusttum – ME – 13 Feb–1 March, 2024

An exhibition of self-portraits by one of New Zealand’s most well-respected contemporary painters. These monumental paintings on loose canvas are inventively composed and energetically created. They demonstrate  Philip Trusttum’s fluidity with paint and freedom in picture-construction, confidence which comes from a lifelong commitment to art. Please join us on Sat 24 Feb,11am for a floortalk… View more

XMAS’23 – 5–23 Dec, 2023

Philippa Blair Nigel Buxton Rebecca Harris Chris Pole Thomas Hancock Janna van Hasselt   Euan Macleod Vivienne Murchison Richard McWhannell Simon Ogden James Robinson Chloe Summehayes Terry Stringer

JACQUI COLLEY – To the sea – 7 Nov-1 Dec, 2023

Jacqui Colley’s painterly dialect is clear and strong in her latest body of work. The fundamental physical attributes of the paintings are the grammar of Colley’s visual language. The flat, rectangular canvas, the medium, the texture dictate the ultimate form of each work and provide the foundation for meaning and expression. Colour is syntactical, providing… View more

SIMON OGDEN – con.form.i.ty – 7 Nov-1 Dec, 2023

‘Over four decades Simon Ogden’s painting and prints have sustained the immediate attention of all viewing his work. Indeed, this experience has been publicly accounted for by Auckland artist John Hurrell, observing that Ogden’s subjects encroach on the viewer’s space, sitting forward in surfaces that don’t recede, engaging those who look. His new exhibition Con.form.i.ty… View more

ANDY LELEISI’UAO – Inusual Migration – 10 Oct–4 Nov, 2023

“I’m involved with this idea of our consciousness existing in a metaphysical realm. During this diaspora into this alternative world, I imagine our consciousness taking human like forms and like all migrants they introduce their own memory, language and culture to share while assimilating.” This exhibition of thirteen paintings creates a world imbued with an… View more

BRIDGIT ANDERSON – Christine’s Jewellery Box – 10 Oct–4 Nov, 2023

Christine’s Jewellery Box is about the loss of my mother and a reclaiming of memories. In 2018, I inherited my father’s garden. Three years earlier he had said ‘my gardening days are over, do what you like and make it your own.’ In one corner sits a weather-beaten greenhouse. Not just a place for my… View more

MAURICE LYE – Face Value – 12 Sept-6 Oct, 2023

Maurice Lye suspects we never really left the Stone Age. It is from the substance of Earth – our spinning rock, one of only four non-gaseous planets in our Solar System – that we mine what we need to fabricate what we desire. Even the very latest technology wouldn’t be possible without minerals hewn from… View more

SEFTON RANI – [Crossroads] – 12 Sept-6 Oct, 2023

Sefton Rani sees himself as a sculptural painter. His work is primarily created with solidified paint skins which he uses to investigate the materiality of paint and how far it can be pushed. The paint skins, which are formed on glass, plastic or objects, once dry, are peeled off and enhanced with various materials and… View more

NEW WORK – group exhibition 15 Aug – 8 Sept 2023

New Work Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Darryn George, Chloe Summerhayes, Katie Thomas, Tim J. Veling Enquiries Joanna Braithwaite     Darryn George       Chloe Summerhayes   Tim J. Veling          Katie Thomas     Nigel Buxton   Enquiries

MARIAN MAGUIRE – Botanical Folio – 18 July-11 Aug, 2023

A new suite of paintings and drawings on paper.              While researching towards The Enlightenment Project, Marian Maguire stumbled upon the microscopic investigations of Nehemiah Grew, a seventeenth century plant anatomist. She was inspired by his remarkable illustrations of the cellular structure of leaves, stems, seeds and roots, published in ‘The Anatomy of Plants’… View more

HANNAH WATKINSON – like oil and water – 18 July-11 August 2023

  It’s Saturday evening in the fish and chip shop on the main drag. It’s absolutely pissing down in the way that the skies west of the Main Divide only seem to know how. Eight men sit on benches, waiting to collect their deep-fried feed. “Good for the rain tanks but not much else,” says one of them,… View more

a colour has many faces – 30 May-30 June, 2023

a colour has many faces  Salome Tanuvasa, Janna Van Hasselt, Poppy Lekner, Lily Custance, Polly Gilroy Curated by Polly Gilroy Artists use colour to make you feel or see something, however a single colour can be translated in many ways. There is an undeniable instability to colour. Although, on a surface level hues appear stable,… View more

John Reynolds – UNTITLED (Catastrophes…) – 2-26 May, 2023

On the dead limb squats a crow – autumn night. BASHO John Reynolds’ recent paintings strike a foreboding tone, ‘as if a storm were coming.’ The works suggest a painting is itself a catastrophe of sorts. There’s a fragmentation and disquiet at play with a bright nervosity and an arc of breezy fatalism. Despite this… View more

Autumn Harvest – 11 April-28 April, 2023

AUTUMN HARVEST Bridgit Anderson, Philippa Blair, Barbara Boekelman, Andrew Bond, Jacqui Colley, Rebecca Harris, Julia Holden, Ralph Hotere, Euan Macleod, Simon Ogden, John Pule, James Robinson, Richard McWhannell, Grant Takle Featuring work pulled from the archives, fresh arrivals, and plum works from recent shows. Below is a sample of works from the show:    .  … View more

JAMES ROBINSON – Witches’ Song – 14 March–6 April, 2023

James Robinson is an expressionist artist assosiated with a generation of painters in New Zealand that gained national prominence in the early 2000’s   Robinson says that the paintings in Witches’ Song are experimental free-hanging works that, although individual, oscillate against one another, putting their secret pieces together, and as with most of my practice,… View more

BARBARA BOEKELMAN – Non-Fiction continued – 21 Feb–10 March, 2023

Barbara Boekelman’s large-scale paintings brim with vitality and intricacy. The works are expressive and unified by palette and process. Reworking is central. She draws, obscures, wipes away, redraws and paints over. It’s through this process that curious forms and colour relationships emerge. The life of each painting begins with rich and varied narrative achieved by… View more

ANDREW BOND – The Golden Bough – 21 Feb–10 March, 2023

  Cosmological nonsense or mythological mumbo jumbo are two descriptors that Andrew Bond would proudly associate with this body of work. Taking a cue from the ambiguous phrase ‘The Golden Bough’, Andrew has delved into its uses and meanings through literature and art, and filtered it through his own subjectivity to create paintings that journey… View more

XMAS’22 – 29 Nov – 23 Dec 2022

James Robinson FERMENT, 121 individual works on paper, 210x150mm approx (detail above)           Joanna Braithwaite     Nigel Buxton     Jacqui Colley   Polly Gilroy      Thomas Hancock     Viv Kepes     Maurice Lye     Euan Macleod   Marian Maguire       Vivienne Murchison   Simon Ogden   Chris… View more

DARRYN GEORGE ‘Let the birds increase’ 1-24 November 2022

Teeming with colour these new works by Darryn George burst with life. Utopic visions are depicted through organic mark-making with a new introduction of birds perching amidst branches and foliage. “I’m still interested in working with the Garden of Eden theme but I wanted to introduce birds because of Aotearoa’s special relationship with them –… View more

JOHN REYNOLDS ‘In the street I was lost…’ suite of 12 paintings on paper 1-24 November 2022

  These 12 paintings on paper were part of ‘In the street I was lost …‘, an exhibition first shown in 2020 which was dominated by an epic 7.4 metre painting of the same name. Unfortunately the exhibition opened on the very day Aotearoa New Zealand first went into lockdown so was unseen. The recent WIDE… View more

WIDE – group exhibition 4-28 Oct 2022

W I D E A celebration of the panoramic format John Reynolds Philippa Blair Mark Sharman Simon Ogden Chris Pole Rebecca Harris Stefan Roberts Tim J. Veling ________________________________________________________ In the street I was lost…  John Reynolds 2020, acrylic and oil paint marker on linen canvas, 2100  x 7400mm In this epic 2020 painting John Reynolds… View more

STEFAN ROBERTS – Waterlog – 6 Sept-1 Oct 2022

“The Waterlog series explores the importance of water as a pivotal and vulnerable force within nature. Water sculpts, rots, and nourishes. In my work, the water that shapes and informs the environment has been allowed to alter and shape the photographic interpretation of the landscape. Just as waters influence on the environment is gradual, so… View more

REBECCA HARRIS – Stealth of Light – 6 Sept-1 Oct 2022

  Rebecca Harris often feels her paintings are a continually evolving project. When I look at them, it is as if her hand has only just left the surface. If I turn my back, I imagine she may reappear and busy herself with small alterations, completely absorbed. Under the twigs, leaves, flowers, dew drops and… View more

THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT – Marian Maguire – 9 Aug-3 Sept 2022

The Enlightenment Project An exploration of Western history In an attempt to understand Western history and its world-wide impact Marian Maguire produced a new suite of prints that map philosophical ideas, politics, scientific discoveries, inventions and historical events. Her starting point was the Age of Enlightenment – it was during that era that Cook’s Endeavour… View more

NIGEL BUXTON – Faces & Folds – 12 July-5 August

Various obsessions are in play with this latest work: my life long fascination with the painting of C14th and early C15th Flanders, the role played by drapery throughout the old master period and various characters who appear in these works, some known others anonymous. One of the faces is contemporary and lives here in Christchurch… View more

JULIA HOLDEN – A Day At The Beach – 21 June- 8 July 2022

Julia Holden’s new paintings tell the story of the regulars at Little Palm Beach on Waiheke Island and the daily social interactions of its community of clothing-optional bathers. ARTIST TALK – Weds 22 June, 12pm Join artist Julia Holden as she discusses her current practice and exhibition      Also on show, 4 performance photographic works… View more

RICHARD MCWHANNELL – More Miles than Money

An exhibition that traverses invented landscapes on a shoestring, driven by the richness of the artist’s imagination and his painterly skill.   ARTIST STATEMENT: Several series of previous work are connected here. Previous exhibitions: ‘Springs and Falls’, ‘Take Me to the River’ and ‘Truth or Consequences’ are all involved in a similar way to what… View more

POLLY GILROY – Traces – 5 April-6 May 2022

“In order to use colour effectively it is necessary to recognise that colour deceives continually.” Josef Albers, Interaction of Color (1963) Casting observations from her previous PG Gallery exhibition in 2020, Polly Gilroy presents a study of light and shadow in the gallery space. Taking cue from the reflections which cascaded across former bodies of… View more

PHILIPPA BLAIR – Molecular – 5 April-6 May 2022

             “Colour like music, you cannot hold back from an emotion, whereas black and white is linked with writing and the letter and reason, color is not  rational, color is dangerous. You fall into it. You can’t control it” Quote from Pipilotti Rist in article by Carolina A. Miranda for LA Times On her 2021… View more

CHRIS POLE – Otehake -15 Feb-1 April, 2022

“Landscape might be something of a commonplace term, but it is one with a variety of different meanings. It might be used to describe the material terrain or topography of land, or to conceptualise the broader interactions of environment. As a political space, landscape might refer to human entanglements with the ‘natural’ world and the social implications of dwelling… View more

THOMAS HANCOCK – Once Removed -15 Feb-11 March 2022

An exhibition of nine exquisite oil paintings by Thomas Hancock. ‘Once Removed’ brings together paintings representing a variety of subjects and categories; found objects, imagined objects and created objects, repositioned as still life, photographs, digital and hand-made drawings and three-dimensional works, described by Hancock as a ‘middle ground’ prior to their resolution as paintings. – Warren Feeney… View more

XMAS’21, 7-24 December 2021

Philippa Blair Joanna Braithwaite Nigel Buxton            Rebecca Harris         Chris Pole John Reynolds Aiko Robinson James Robinson Terry Stringer

CATHERINE BROUGH ‘Painting – an extreme sport’ 16 Nov – 3 Dec 2021

Is it possible to claim that painting is an extreme sport?   Artist and trustee of the Yvonne Rust West Coast Arts Trust, Evelyn Hewlett answers ‘yes’ maintaining that for almost five decades, Catherine Brough’s plein-air paintings out in the field and on the front-line in Canterbury and the West Coast are an affirmation that this is true.   ‘When you look… View more

KATIE THOMAS – Quiet Life – 19 Oct-11 Nov 2021

‘Given the chaos of the last 18 months, I’m increasingly appreciative of being able to work outside in some very beautiful gardens. The peace afforded by working in silence and watching the undaunted life-cycle of nature through the seasons, leaves an indelible mark on my work in the studio. Much of this body of work is influenced… View more

MAURICE LYE – Homeward bound – 19 Oct-11 Nov 2021

In this exhibition Maurice Lye captures domesticity and displacement through a nostalgic lens. Homeward Bound spans several decades with some works being as recent as 2020 and old as 1978. Each photograph offers a glimpse into strangely familiar yet unfamiliar settings. Some were taken away from home, when occupancy is temporary; others were taken within home, where… View more

CURATE ME – group exhibition – 28 Sept-15 Oct 2021

  Curate Me A Response to the Ara Artwork Collection Artists and academics have drawn inspiration from museum and art collections for centuries. Here, Curate Me brings together works from the Ara Artwork Collection and the responses inspired by them in a dynamic manner. Participants: postgraduate students, staff, and alumni, from across a range of… View more

Spring Selection 2021

  Spring Selection until 24 September Including gallery artists Darryn George, John Reynolds, Philippa Blair, Marian Maguire, Nigel Buxton, Euan Macleod, Vivienne Murchison, Rebecca Harris, Ralph Hotere, Sefton Rani, Andy Leleisi’uao. Due to Delta and Lockdown disruptions to our exhibition schedule we have rehung a new stock show until we open our next exhibition.    … View more

ANDY LELEISI’UAO – Umbilical Brown – 27 July-20 Aug, 2021

Andy Leleisi’uao is polite in his manner, careful not to offend. It is in the studio that he articulates what is on his mind and speaks to the truth of colonial migrant experience and it isn’t all easy to hear. In this new exhibition, Umbilical Brown, he doesn’t paint for us utopias or highlight myth,… View more

SEFTON RANI – Silence is the flower – 27July-20 Aug, 2021

Sefton Rani’s father worked in a paint factory in Avondale, West Auckland. His co-workers were predominantly Samoan, Tongan or Cook Islander, as Sefton’s father was himself. He had arrived in Aotearoa at the age of twenty in 1959 or 1960 with only ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in English. Sefton’s father learnt fast. He became a shader… View more

BRIDGIT ANDERSON – Stella & Cecil: A Kaikoura Composition – 6-24 July 2021

  Stella and Cecil Wallace created a home and a dental surgery at 43 Beach Road, Kaikoura in 1915. In 2020 Anderson collaborated with Margaret Egan, Stella and Cecil’s granddaughter, to create a series of 27 still life images composed of childhood memories, everyday domestic objects and the antique paraphernalia of Cecil’s dental practice. Drawing… View more

Grant Takle – CLUSTER – 8 June-2 July 2021

‘This show is built around a response to COVID-19 and started with a set of loose canvas paintings based on ideas relating to social distancing, isolation bubbles, and clusters. “Feedback” from these paintings then flowed into my general practice and I went on to produce the large circular paintings. I also extended the on-going use of… View more

RALPH HOTERE – Round Midnight & other lithographs – 11 May-4 June, 2021

        Ralph Hotere took printmaking seriously. He was responsive to materials in everything he did. He picked up tools, handled substances and worked with what they could do. He never fought the medium, always worked with it. In his hands an electric grinder might scribe light into stainless steel, paint might spread… View more

SIMON OGDEN – digging in the dirt for diamonds – 13 April-7 May, 2021

Birds fly through plants and trees amidst a wondrous array of patterns in this major exhibition of Simon Ogden‘s linoleum constructions 2019 – 2021. These works are painterly yet barely a brush touches them. They are refreshingly crafted from found linoleum with patterns evocative of times past while remaining free of specific historical constraint. The… View more

EUAN MACLEOD – Lessons in Isolation – 23 March-10 April 2021

Euan Macleod and well known New Zealand photographer Craig Potton spent a few nights together near the top of the Tasman Glacier early in 2020. In the uncontained Australian fire season of summer 2019-20, not only was the sky above much of Aotearoa stained a reddish brown by smoke, dust and ash, there were reports… View more

TRIBUTE – Janneth Gil ‘Darkness into light’ – 23 Feb-19 March 2021

    Janneth Gil and Viv Kepes were both profoundly moved by the shocking attack on Christchurch’s Muslim community on 15 March 2019. As artists they were conscious of both the historical role of the visual arts as an act of witnessing and remembering of historical events, and reparative power of art for a traumatised society…. View more

TRIBUTE – Viv Kepes ‘Bouquet’ – 23 Feb-19 March 2021

Viv Kepes and Janneth Gil were both profoundly moved by the shocking attack on Christchurch’s Muslim community on 15 March 2019. As artists they were conscious of both the historical role of the visual arts as an act of witnessing and remembering of historical events, and reparative power of art for a traumatised society. Many in… View more

Revolving Summer Show – until 19 February 2021

Recent works and old favourites viewable throughout the gallery, including artists: Julia Holden, Richard McWhannell, Marian Maguire, W.D Hammond, Euan Macleod, James Robinson, Vivienne Murchison, Tony Bond, Ralph Hotere, Terry Stringer, Katharina Jaeger, John Reynolds, Donna-Marie Patterson, Philippa Blair, Nigel Buxton, Andrew Ross, Aiko Robinson, Rebecca Harris, Grant Takle, Maurice Lye, Darryn George and more

XMAS ’20, 8-24 December 2020

We celebrate the end of 2020 with an elegant exhibition featuring: Philippa Blair, Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Vivienne Murchison, Donna-Marie Patterson, John Reynolds, Terry Stringer (See also Euan Macleod’s exhibition High Wire, on show in the Side Gallery) Thank you for your continued support this year and wishing you health and happiness for 2021 ~ Marian, Nigel… View more

EUAN MACLEOD – High Wire: book & works on paper – 8-24 Dec 2020

The etchings, drawings and works on paper in this exhibition were all made towards a book project Euan Macleod undertook with Booker finalist Lloyd Jones. High Wire was published by Massey University Press earlier in 2020. It is the first of a series of picture books written and made for grownups and designed to showcase leading New… View more

REBECCA HARRIS – Dark Burns The Night, Flirty Bird Flies – 10 Nov-4 Dec 2020

The night burned dark and a pair of courting birds sped past, disappearing with a whoosh into foliage. The paintings of Rebecca Harris inspire narrative. She tells us no story – there are no characters, no beginning, no end – but she sets the scene for a tale one might tell oneself. They invite entry. One… View more

AIKO ROBINSON – pillowed on water – 10 Nov-4 Dec 2020

“For those who are familiar with my previous works this exhibition may come as a small surprise. I’ve typically favoured the monochrome, and if on the rare occasion when I introduced colour, it was with a subdued and subtle palette inspired by the Japanese Ukiyoe artists of the 17th and 19th centuries (Edo period). When… View more


  23 March – 10 April Opening Tues 23 March, 5.30pm Euan Macleod Lessons in Isolation   13 April – 7 May Opening Tues 13 April, 5.30pm Simon Ogden Digging in the dirt for diamonds   11 May – 7 May Opening Tues 11 May, 5.30pm Ralph Hotere prints 8 June – 3 July Opening… View more

‘Seeing what’s there’ – group exhibition – 13 Oct-6 Nov 2020

Seeing what’s there the individuality of observation Philippa Blair, Nigel Buxton and Katharina Jaeger Maurice Lye, Richard McWhannell, Andrew Ross I went to artschool in the early 1980s and drawing was central to our training. We drew from live models one full day a week. I learned that I must look, really look, look hard…. View more

DARRYN GEORGE – grasses, shrubs & trees – 15 Sept-9 Oct 2020

The Garden of Eden was the start point for these new works by Darryn George. He draws as if seeking a return to an age of innocence, when enjoyment in nature was less complicated. These works are a radical departure from George’s earlier paintings. He abandons the austerity of highly polished surfaces, straight lines and… View more

POLLY GILROY – In absence of – 15 Sept-9 Oct 2020

In this elegant exhibition Polly Gilroy has assembled a body of work that cultivates the space between us, and explores the many faces of colour through sensory and perceptual experiences. Intriguingly titled ‘In absence of’, these works are elusive. Soft hazes of silk slowly engulf colours whilst selectively capturing and amplifying light. This new series brings the… View more

James Robinson – EDGELAND – 18 Aug-11 Sept 2020

“EDGELAND is the name of David Eggleton’s last poetry volume, so I use this word as a beginning. The resonance in the ‘Edge’ and ‘Land’ are vast symbolically. Literally in the material of the craft I’ve languaged the edges, either spliced cut joined de-constructed and heated. David often masticates metaphor and symbol in cyclic ingestions,… View more

GRANT TAKLE – AFTER SHOCK – 20 July-14 Aug, 2020

ARTIST STATEMENT –  Shock after shock Grant Takle Critiquing our society, Takle grapples with tough topics, seeking to illuminate social and political realities. ‘This group of works is a response to Christchurch and its ongoing calamities. It draws from the psychological and sociological forces experienced in the aftermath of two of New Zealand’s most devastating disasters. The… View more

FEATURE: James Robinson – ‘Open and Close’ and new works on paper

         Open and Close (Pyramid series #6) James Robinson 2019, canvas, fabric and mixed media, 2200 x 2200mm (sold) Notes on ‘Open and Close’ James Robinson, 2019 This canvas and fabric collage is part of a series of mandalas after a long journey through India and Egypt in 2018. It’s both a tunnel… View more

NIGEL BUXTON – Drape – 30 June-18 July 2020

  Nigel Buxton most usually expresses ‘interiors’ or ‘still life’ with a strong sense of his own presence. His gesture, his positioning in the room and the time spent are all very evident. Drapes have long been props within his studio set-up and in these large-scale works they claim deliberate presence in their own right. In… View more

MARIAN MAGUIRE – Squeeze & Meander – 30 June-18 July, 2020

        The first five are called Squeeze  #m1 – #m5 Acrylic on handmade Khadi Indian cotton paper 640g Paper size approx: 770 x 570mm $2400 each unframed              The four small ones are also called Squeeze #s1 – #s4 Acrylic on handmade Khadi Indian cotton paper 320g Paper size… View more

FEATURE: ‘The Spanish Woman’ by Julia Holden

The Spanish Woman (Jack Mitchell-Anyon, after Edith Collier) by Julia Holden 2019, photographic recording of a painting on live model, archival pigment print, 1 of 1. 695 x 605mm framed $3200 Painting directly on a live model, Julia Holden pays homage to a portrait by Edith Collier and elicits a sense of pathos that reaches… View more

FEATURE: ‘Still Life #72’ by Nigel Buxton

Still Life #72 by Nigel Buxton 2005, ink and chalk pastel on paper. 1030 x 760mm 1230 x 920mm (framed) $5200 More often than not, art making is a solo activity. Lockdown is therefore familiar territory for artists. The sense of living-in-the-studio is clearly exemplified in Nigel Buxton’s work. His most persistent theme, one that… View more

FEATURE: ‘Forest Light’ by Rebecca Harris

Forest Light Rebecca Harris 2019, oil on board, 930 x 1240mm $5500 Based on nature, this painting marks a change from Rebecca’s fantastical paintings though an aura of otherworldliness still imbues it. Teetering on a line between the magical and the real Rebecca is inspired by nature and the feelings that rise up in her… View more

JOHN REYNOLDS – In the street I was lost… – 24 March-26 June, 2020

. In the street l was lost… Samuel Beckett The End. ‘…. as if the landscape Had plans to be a Nolan. The desolation of it. ‘ Clive James The River in the Sky With his Christchurch exhibition In the street l was lost… John Reynolds extends his ongoing ‘Lost Hours’ series, which ponders the fateful disappearance… View more

DONNA-MARIE PATTERSON – Oil and Water – 25 Feb-20 March 2020

Donna-Marie Patterson spends her time between Kaimata on the West Coast and Christchurch. She investigates aspects of ecology, as a realm of connectivity, between nature and humans. Ecological ideas are fused with scientific, historical, cultural and political concerns. Her works illustrate the complex processes through which the natural and human-made realms interact, the intersectionalities between… View more

VIVIENNE MURCHISON – Go Beyond – 25 Feb-20 March 2020

For Vivienne Murchison there is an internal experience of instantaneous and dynamically changing tonal impressions which overlay colour vibrations onto moods, atmosphere, music and personalities. Go Beyond is a series of paintings in response to these ‘colour sensations’ and offers us the notion that colour is a form of consciousness. An annual sojourn to the… View more

XMAS’19 – 2-21 December, 2019

Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Polly Gilroy, W.D Hammond, Rebecca Harris, Viv Kepes, Euan Macleod, Richard McWhannell, Donna-Marie Patterson, James Robinson, Terry Stringer, Grant Takle Joanna Braithwaite   Nigel Buxton   Polly GIlroy W.D.Hammond Rebecca Harris Viv Kepes Euan Macleod      Richard McWhannell Donna-Marie Patterson   James Robinson Terry Stringer Grant Takle      

ANDY LELEISI’UAO – Dispersed Humanoids – 5-29 Nov 2019

       A collection of new paintings exploring mythology, displacement and imagined utopias. Using a mixture of traditional and contemporary iconographies Andy Leleisi’uao puzzles over humanity and human relations.          

MARIAN MAGUIRE – Meander & An Untitled Journey – 5-29 Nov 2019

I started the big grey drawing in February of 2012 during a brief artist-in-residence stint at the Caselberg Trust House in Portobello on Otago Peninsula. I wrote something about it at the time which I have just reread. I find it interesting – what I said and what I didn’t say – because my memory… View more

PHILIPPA BLAIR – Out of the Loop – 14 Oct-1 Nov 2019

With immense emotional and physical commitment Philippa Blair has created a fresh body of dynamically abstract paintings. Honesty within each work is something she strives for. Not one stroke is contrived or false. She takes inspiration from the great American playwright Sam Shepard when he said, “You can’t make a mistake when you improvise… it’s… View more

POLLY GILROY – Within and Without – 14 Oct-1 Nov 2019

Polly’s debut solo exhibition Within and Without presents a suite of eight 2019 works that quietly ask for your attention. The works demarcate space, absorb sound and activate different chromatic relationships within and without. These relationships are enhanced by light and shadow throughout the day, encouraging spacial awareness. Within and Without is a term used… View more

KATHARINA JAEGER – Billow – 23 Sept-11 Oct 2019

BILLOW – an installation that occupies the gallery space. Christchurch artist, Katharina Jaeger, recontextualises familiar things in a way that is disorientating and invites us to consider them afresh.                                  Born in Zurich 1964, Katharina Jaeger studied art at Kunstgewerbeschule Zurich before… View more

KRISTIN STEPHENSON – Objects D’Art – 23 Sept-11 Oct 2019

  Two large works on paper and a collection of drawings from the mid-1980’s to the present. Presented courtesy of Jonathan Smart Gallery. Kristin Stephenson (Hollis) first studied art in the England during the 1960’s and drawing has been central to her practice since. For more about Kristin Stephenson: Jonathan Smart Gallery – artist Artist… View more

JULIA HOLDEN – NEWLY FORMED – 26 Aug-20 Sept 2019

   Newly Formed presents two bodies of work produced while Julia Holden was artist-in-residence at Tylee Cottage, Whanganui, 2018, plus two additional portraits. Of the performance portraits, the first five form a suite based on original portraits by New Zealand artists that were part of Sarjeant Gallery’s exhibition, ‘125 Celebrating Women: Works from the Collection.’ This exhibition opened… View more

REBECCA HARRIS – Somewhere To Go – 26 Aug-20 Sept 2019

Nine intense and delicate paintings by Christchurch artist Rebecca Harris which take their impulse from the world she sees combined with the landscape of her imagination.      Rebecca Harris graduated with an MFA in painting at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 2013 after previously completing a degree in Art and… View more

WINTER STOCK – 16 July-23 Aug, 2019

        WINTER STOCK Philippa Blair, Tony Bond, Roger Boyce, Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Bill Culbert, Julia Holden, Ralph Hotere, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Simon Ogden James Robinson, Andrew Ross, Terry Stringer, Tim J. Veling, Ana Catalina Vicuña Featuring work pulled from the archives, fresh arrivals, and plum works from recent shows.          … View more

ANA CATALINA VICUÑA – Tides – 18 June-12 July 2019

‘It began as an exercise, an experiment. surrounded by water, stepping on loose lands, this was a way to accept my own reality: temporary, suspended, and vulnerable. Searching the void, freeing the mind of thoughts, images, and words, I understood how white space, just like silence, has meaning. As tides, sometimes high, and sometimes low,… View more

TIM J. VELING – Sentinels – 18 June-12 July 2019

  For eight years Tim J. Veling has been photographing the Residential Redzone in Christchurch, starting when houses were still being demolished, observing the clearances, the wildness, the mowing, the management. It has become meditative returning for him; he is a patient witness to change. In this grouping he focusses on a double row of cypresses,… View more

JOANNA BRAITHWAITE – Warbler – 21 May-14 June 2019

New Zealand raised, Sydney based artist Joanna Braithwaite presents ten paintings in this stunning new collection. This is her first one-person in exhibition in Christchurch since 2010 and PG is proud to host her return. Joanna Braithwaite is the winner of the 2019 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize. SLIDE TALK: Grant Banbury on Joanna Braithwaite… View more

TONY BOND – Punt – 21 May-14 June 2019

   Spaciphic Object #1 – 13  Tony Bond 2018 – 2019, acrylic, aluminium, silicon, and acrylic lacquer. Ranging from 340 – 540mm across,  approx 200mm depth. $4,500 each For list of works available. Christchurch born and raised, Tony Bond has been exhibiting his object-based work throughout New Zealand since the year 2000. Having initially studied… View more

AUTUMN SHOW – 18 March-5 April 2019

AUTUMN:  Philippa Blair, Darryn George, W.D Hammond, Julia Holden, Euan Macleod, Terry Stringer   Philippa Blair Darryn George         W.D Hammond                         Julia Holden          Euan Macleod Terry Stringer

CHRIS POLE – Relative Locations – 19 Feb-15 March 2019

Relative Locations Chris Pole In this exhibition of new paintings Chris Pole has worked from photographs of the Canterbury high country, an area he knows well. By slicing and sliding the frames, thus shifting the groundlines, he has created abrupt mismatches that accentuate the upward thrust of the mountains, the downward pull of scree slopes… View more

VIV KEPES – Remember Me, Rangitahua’s Treasure – 19 Feb-15 March 2019

          Remember Me Rangitahua’s Treasure Viv Kepes This series of paintings was made in support of a research project currently being undertaken by two of NZ’s top marine ecologists, Dr David Aguirre and Dr Libby Liggins. They are studying the adaptations of the corals at the Rangitahua (Kermadec Island) Marine Sanctuary to their rugged… View more

Summer Stock Show – 15 Jan-15 Feb 2019

Over the summer period PG Gallery192 will be exhibiting a rotating selection from stock. We currently have works on show from the following artists: Yukari Kaihori, Julia Holden, John Reynolds, James Robinson, Hamish Coleman, Richard McWhannell, Robert McLeod, Bill Hammond, Aiko Robinson, Tony Bond, Roger Boyce, Rebecca Harris, Andy Leleisi’uao, Tim Veling, Donna-Marie Patterson, Simon… View more

XMAS 18 – 3-22 December 2018

  William Bennett, Philippa Blair, Tony Bond, Roger Boyce, Nigel Buxton, Rebecca Harris, Katharina Jaeger, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Richard McWhannell, Donna-Marie Patterson, John Reynolds, James Robinson, Anya Sinclair, Terry Stringer, Tim Veling, Ana-Catalina Vicuña Tony Bond Philippa Blair William Bennett     Roger Boyce Nigel Buxton Rebecca Harris   Katharina Jaeger                Viv Kepes… View more

AIKO ROBINSON – Folding in Forests – 5 Nov-30 Nov 2018

FOLDING IN FORESTS Aiko Robinson I am currently undertaking my masters in printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts. This exhibition is made up of a select few works from my time in Tokyo so far. My work is a response to Shunga (‘spring pictures’), a form of pornography that flourished in Japan during the… View more

YUKARI KAIHORI – White Whisper – 5 Nov-30 Nov 2018

Flow I WHITE WHISPER Yukari Kaihori White is the colour of the baby’s baptismal robes, the bride’s dress, and the deceased’s robes. In Eastern and Western cultures, we often use the colour white at the rituals when one enters a new stage of life to represent renewal and rebirth. This tendency to use the colour… View more

ROBERT MCLEOD – Balancing Act – 8 Oct-2 Nov 2018

This is Robert McLeod’s first exhibition in Christchurch for ten years and is thus something of a ‘catch-up’ exhibition, featuring paintings that illustrate some of the strands in his work from 2010 to 2018. His perverse ‘Disneyesque’ figures are a response to the current state of prejudice and intolerance in the world.  McLeod comments that he… View more

TERRY STRINGER – The Sculptor’s Shadow – 10 Sept-5 Oct 2018

‘To gain a sense of the object in three dimensions has led to me changing the image, as seen by the viewer moving around the sculpture. I am showing that idea in this exhibition, but more recently I have approached the figure sculpture somewhat differently. A new treatment I have adopted is to carve into… View more

SIMON OGDEN – Quiet Negotiations – 10 Sept – 5 Oct 2018

             A whiter shade of pale   Simon Ogden’s intention, in this fresh set of works, was to step sideways from the patterning and decoration of the linoleum works that have been a major part of his practice over the last decade and return to liquid medium. In the A whiter shade of pale series,… View more

EUAN MACLEOD – Cloud – 13 Aug-7 Sept, 2018

“In an era of climate change and global warming, Euan Macleod’s meditations upon the planetary water-cycle have gained a particular poignancy. Whereas, in earlier series, his ubiquitous, striding protagonist was placed on the ocean-floor, wading through water or climbing snow-clad alps, the figure has now moved to a higher territory of the hydrosphere. …As he surveys the… View more

DARRYN GEORGE – recent painting – 16 July-10 Aug, 2018

Darryn George presents an exhibition of nine of his most recent abstract paintings. These works – enriched with deep, saturated blues and reds – all centralise a Maori word that directly translates to communicate an underlying meaning. ‘The Journey paintings record places the Israelites went through, after leaving Egypt, on their way to the Promised Land…. View more

JOHN REYNOLDS – psychogeographyblues – 16 July-10 Aug, 2018

  ‘What bliss there is in blueness.’ – Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark ‘Blue comes to us through silence and mystery and much argument.’ – Colm Tóibín, In Lovely Blueness. ‘Blue speaks of the morning, of the sky & of the sea. Yet as the fish with cross-weaving of colour had taught me, contained in… View more