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SUMMER BREAK – The gallery closes at 2pm, Sat 22 Dec and will re-open Tues 15 Jan, 2019. * We will be coming and going from the gallery and responding to messages and web orders during summer so please contact us if you have any queries or would like to visit.  15 Jan – 15… View more

XMAS’18 – 3-22 December, 2018

  William Bennett, Philippa Blair, Tony Bond, Roger Boyce, Nigel Buxton, Rebecca Harris, Katharina Jaeger, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Richard McWhannell, Donna-Marie Patterson, John Reynolds, James Robinson, Anya Sinclair, Terry Stringer, Tim Veling, Ana-Catalina Vicuña Tony Bond Philippa Blair William Bennett     Roger Boyce Nigel Buxton Rebecca Harris   Katharina Jaeger                Viv Kepes… View more

AIKO ROBINSON – Folding in Forests – 5 Nov-30 Nov, 2018

FOLDING IN FORESTS Aiko Robinson I am currently undertaking my masters in printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts. This exhibition is made up of a select few works from my time in Tokyo so far. My work is a response to Shunga (‘spring pictures’), a form of pornography that flourished in Japan during the… View more

YUKARI KAIHORI – White Whisper – 5 Nov-30 Nov, 2018

Flow I WHITE WHISPER Yukari Kaihori White is the colour of the baby’s baptismal robes, the bride’s dress, and the deceased’s robes. In Eastern and Western cultures, we often use the colour white at the rituals when one enters a new stage of life to represent renewal and rebirth. This tendency to use the colour… View more

ROBERT MCLEOD – Balancing Act – 8 Oct-2 Nov 2018

This is Robert McLeod‘s first exhibition in Christchurch for ten years and is thus something of a ‘catch-up’ exhibition, featuring paintings that illustrate some of the strands in his work from 2010 to 2018. His perverse ‘Disneyesque’ figures are a response to the current state of prejudice and intolerance in the world.  McLeod comments that he… View more

TERRY STRINGER – The Sculptor’s Shadow – 10 Sept-5 Oct 2018

‘To gain a sense of the object in three dimensions has led to me changing the image, as seen by the viewer moving around the sculpture. I am showing that idea in this exhibition, but more recently I have approached the figure sculpture somewhat differently. A new treatment I have adopted is to carve into… View more

XMAS 17 – 5-23 December, 2017

This year our Christmas show features: Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Hamish Coleman, Darryn George, Julia Holden, Katharina Jaeger, Andy Leleisi’uao, Euan Macleod, Richard McWhannell, Marian Maguire, Simon Ogden, Chris Pole, Tim J. Veling  Joanna Braithwaite Nigel Buxton Hamish Coleman      Darryn George Julia Holden           Katharina Jaeger     Andy Leleisi’uao           Euan Macleod    … View more

SIMON OGDEN – Quiet Negotiations – 10 Sept – 5 Oct 2018

              A whiter shade of pale   Simon Ogden’s intention, in this fresh set of works, was to step sideways from the patterning and decoration of the linoleum works that have been a major part of his practice over the last decade and return to liquid medium. In the A whiter shade of pale… View more

EUAN MACLEOD – Cloud – 13 Aug-7 Sept, 2018

“In an era of climate change and global warming, Euan Macleod’s meditations upon the planetary water-cycle have gained a particular poignancy. Whereas, in earlier series, his ubiquitous, striding protagonist was placed on the ocean-floor, wading through water or climbing snow-clad alps, the figure has now moved to a higher territory of the hydrosphere. …As he surveys the… View more

DARRYN GEORGE – recent painting – 16 July-10 Aug, 2018

Darryn George presents an exhibition of nine of his most recent abstract paintings. These works – enriched with deep, saturated blues and reds – all centralise a Maori word that directly translates to communicate an underlying meaning. ‘The Journey paintings record places the Israelites went through, after leaving Egypt, on their way to the Promised Land…. View more

JOHN REYNOLDS – psychogeographyblues – 16 July-10 Aug, 2018

  ‘What bliss there is in blueness.’ – Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark ‘Blue comes to us through silence and mystery and much argument.’ – Colm Tóibín, In Lovely Blueness. ‘Blue speaks of the morning, of the sky & of the sea. Yet as the fish with cross-weaving of colour had taught me, contained in… View more

PG Pop-up – October 2017 – August 2018

PG Gallery192’s temporary Pop-up gallery in the central city ran from October 2017 until July 2018. Located on the bottom floor of the Wynn Williams Building, the Pop-up featured a rotating display of artworks, all from our Bealey Avenue gallery stock.   Installation images below: .Instal Featured 16 July – 30 July, 2018 Doc Ross… View more

JULIA HOLDEN – fanfiction – 18 June-13 July, 2018

noun: fanfiction a term used to describe the inventions of an admirer of an existing piece of work (most often a novel, TV show or movie), which feature characters or storylines borrowed from the original. after Edouard Manet Julia Holden has recreated five still life paintings by Manet by modelling asparagus, apples, plums and mandarins in… View more

DOC ROSS – The uncontrollable chaos of life – 18 June-13 July,2018

  ‘It was the hottest September day ever recorded in the UK. The balcony of my London flat overlooked Shadwell Basin (an old tobacco dock just off the Thames in East London) and as the steamy late afternoon arrived so did the throngs of people seeking relief from it. The crowd slowly grew, swimming, sunning,… View more

MARIAN MAGUIRE – Boogie Woogie with Gordon Walters – 22 May-15 June, 2018

‘These are a play between the works of Gordon Walters and those of Piet Mondrian. I have kept to the horizontal lines of Gordon Walter’s koru paintings, with their curvaceous turnarounds and occasional free moving circles, and applied to that Mondrian’s commitment to red, blue, yellow, black, grey and white. While making these works I listened… View more

MARIAN MAGUIRE – Goddesses – 22 May-15 June, 2018

          A suite of five lithographs and one etching in which immortal Greek goddesses question their continued commitment to roles and attributes ascribed to them for millennia. ‘Athena is my favourite ancient Greek deity. She is sensible, wily, loyal and brave. She rolls with the punches and holds her own on Olympos. She represents wisdom… View more

Richard McWhannell – recent paintings – 23 April-18 May, 2018

We are delighted to present a major exhibition of paintings by Richard McWhannell. Auckland-based, he is nationally recognised as a consummate painter. Born in Akaroa, McWhannell studied at Ilam School of Art and has deep connections to the Canterbury region. This will be his first exhibition in Christchurch for ten years. ARTIST STATEMENT: This exhibition is… View more

Forms of Perception – 27 Mar-20 April, 2018

A group exhibition featuring the work of Viv Kepes, Motoko Kikkawa, Donna-Marie Patterson & Arabella Spoors curated by Jane Bowman               Viv Kepes Viv Kepes is a North Canterbury based artist. Born in 1973, she grew up in Belmont, Lower Hutt. Spending her formative years exploring local native bush reserves, streams… View more

PHILIPPA BLAIR: Dancing off score – 27 Feb-23 March, 2018

Some of  Philippa Blair’s paintings coil into themselves; they are nests, labyrinths, confined by the picture frame, mysteries to be investigated from without. Others expand across the surface; marks jump forward to the viewer, from one canvas to another, resistant to constraint. Dancing off Score is dominated by paintings with the latter dynamic. In these works… View more

NIC MOON – Me : And : With – 7 Nov-1 Dec, 2017

    This body of work began as an exploration of the Māori word ‘Me’, which can be translated as ‘and’ or ‘with’.  In Te Ao Māori (the Māori world), as in Eastern Philosophy, there is an intrinsic acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of humans and the environment.  Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au.  (I… View more

HAMISH COLEMAN – Swept Under – 10 Oct-3 Nov, 2017

A series of eight new paintings from Hamish Coleman based around memory, trace and reoccurring imagery, with stills from various NZ short films being the starting point.                

ANYA SINCLAIR – Mise en Garde – 10 Oct-3 Nov, 2017

‘Looking at a series of Anya Sinclair’s works, it is hard to know exactly when we, as viewers lose our hold on reality. The break is never instant, but the longer we spend looking, the further we fall from what we know. Critically, these landscapes are empty, emphatically devoid of any human or animal subject…. View more

PAULINE RHODES – Stained Silences – 19 Sept-6 Oct 2017

Pauline Rhodes has created a site-specific installation in the gallery Artist statement:   ‘The performative working materials involve a unique process of imprinting and staining with iron oxides. The materials are part of an accumulation of working sculptural elements, which can respond to a wide range of spatial situations. The time consuming process of staining… View more

KATHARINA JAEGER – Holding – 22 Aug-15 Sept, 2017

 A group of recent works by Katharina Jaeger investigating object, form, and association.                   KATHARINA JAEGAR Born in Zurich1964, Katharina Jaeger immigrated to New Zealand in 1986. She completed her Bachelor of Design at Ara Institute of Canterbury and has exhibited in solo and numerous group exhibitions nationally, recently… View more

ANDY LELEISI’UAO – Homonoia People – 22 Aug-15 Sept, 2017

A collection of new paintings exploring mythology, contemporary iconography and Andy Leleisi’uao‘s thoughts on society.         

Winter Selection 2017 – 25 July-18 August

featuring: Philippa Blair, Nigel Buxton, Darryn George, W.D. Hammond Sam Harrison,  Euan Macleod, John Reynolds, Grace Wright     PHILIPPA BLAIR     NIGEL BUXTON DARRYN GEORGE W.D. HAMMOND                                    SAM HARRISON EUAN MACLEOD JOHN REYNOLDS GRACE WRIGHT

ROGER BOYCE – Muse – 27 June-21 July 2017

An exhibition of 40 tondos from the ‘Muse’ series and four paintings from the ‘Girl with Prosthesis’ series.     “They seem like nice enough people, these ladies. For the most part, warm maternal types of a certain age. Definitely, defiantly suburban – divorcees and widows. Perhaps they’re trying just a little too hard, in expression… View more

NIGEL BUXTON – new work – 30 May-23 June, 2017

An exhibition of seven works on paper which describe and explore interior space.   Artist statement: ‘What do you see? What you see in the drawings is what I looked at. However what I saw might not have been what you saw if you had been the one doing the looking. But what I looked… View more

W.D. HAMMOND – Inveigle – 2-26 May, 2017

        ‘Clap’ 2017 acrylic on canvas 300x 245mm SOLD             ‘Skirt’ 2017 acrylic on canvas 300x 245mm SOLD             ‘Clutch’ 2017 acrylic on canvas 300x 245mm SOLD           ‘Sleep Shop’   2017 acrylic on panel 800x 565mm $55,000  … View more

SAM HARRISON – new drawings and sculpture – 2-26 May, 2017


JAMES ROBINSON – Rock Action – 4-28 April, 2017

Sand: a fragment of rock ground to small size by earth’s processes. Sandstone: a type of sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand that has compressed and hardened. These new paintings by James Robinson are the result of process. And in James’s process he reflects the dynamic of the earth. Formation, erosion. Accumulation, dispersal. Coagulation, dissolution…. View more

MARIAN MAGUIRE – FIREPLACES: Odysseus, Penelope & Te Koha – 7 March-1 April, 2017

Through human history art has had a closer relationship to the spoken word than the written one. In pre-literate times, stories were shared through their telling, with art often being used as a prompt. In earlier times, too, the light and warmth of the family hearth provided a focus for the remembering of histories and… View more

GRACE WRIGHT – Afternoon Delight – 14 Feb-3 March, 2017

Painting as ‘visual pleasure’, is a concept lying at the heart of my work. The luscious, organic forms ooze and flow sensually around each other, like honey pouring out of a bottle. The forms are derived from a sense of bodily-ness that is abstract, yet suggestive of the interior and exterior body. Like pieces of… View more

AIKO ROBINSON – Afternoon Delight – 14 Feb-3 March, 2017

  My practice is a response to shunga, ‘Spring Pictures’, a form of pornography that flourished in Japan during the Edo period between the 17th and 19th centuries. Historical shunga reflects the acceptance or celebration of sex in Shinto culture, and values love, mutual pleasure and equality between sexual partners. It is also positively associated… View more

XMAS 16 – 29 Nov to 23 Dec, 2016

This year our Christmas show features: Joanna Braithwaite, Wendy Bornholdt, Nigel Buxton, Hamish Coleman, Darryn George W.D.Hammond, Samuel Harrison, Andy Leleisi’uao, Marian Maguire, Simon Ogden Chris Pole, James Robinson, Margaret Silverwood, Tim J.Veling Joanna Braithwaite   Wendy Bornholdt Nigel Buxton      Hamish Coleman Darryn George W.D.Hammond Samuel Harrison     Andy Leleisi’uao Marian Maguire Simon Ogden (‘Touched… View more

DOC ROSS: WALKING with eyes open – 1-25 Nov 2016

“I have always been that type of photographer who walks and collects images randomly, somewhat in the tradition of American photographers like Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander. Sometimes I have built individual series of work from these, but in general I have just observed and recorded whatever interested me. Those things not immediately photographed by… View more


The residency offered the artists a chance to explore the historical, commercial and natural locations that are so emblematic of the island’s isolation and rugged natural beauty. They were also able to experience its complex and dynamic environment, with excursions hosted by local guides, whose knowledge of and enthusiasm for the science and local mythologies… View more

EUAN MACLEOD – 23 Aug-17 Sept, 2016

“Just as the painter prods the visual field with brush or palette knife, the walking figure tests the ground; he shifts earth and snow; he moves water with hand or oar. A mark is left in the sand, a ripple, a gesture in mid-air.” Gregory O’Brien, 2014 The distinctive exploration of figure and landscape is continued in these recent… View more

LAST JUDGEMENT – 26 July-19 Aug, 2016

A group show in which invited artists respond to an original engraving, by Giorgio Ghisi, of Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel. More about the Ghisi engraving Essay by John Finlay about Michelangelo’s fresco The Last Judgement EXHIBITION FEATURES: The Ghisi engraving, Josh Bashford, Philippa Blair, Roger Boyce, Darryn George, W.D.Hammond, Samuel Harrison, Marian Maguire, John Reynolds, Aiko… View more

JOHN REYNOLDS – Signs – 28 June-22 July, 2016

THE UBIQUITOUS SIGN “I’m going down, to Alphabet Street” Prince Walk, bike or drive down seemingly any street in Christchurch, and you will eventually confront them – the inevitable cluster of brightly-coloured temporary traffic management signs. These banal yet insistent warning signs have become an almost permanent feature of the topology and streetscape of Christchurch’s… View more

TIM J. VELING – Vestiges – 28 June-22 July, 2016

Tim J. Veling – artist statement: At 4.35am on September 4th 2010, Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. Miraculously, despite it and thousands of aftershocks causing widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure across the city, there was no loss of life. Avonside – a patch of land measuring 1.3 square kilometres and… View more

WENDY BORNHOLDT – Tissue Solo and the Artefacts – 31 May-24 June, 2016

ARTIST STATEMENT May 2016 ‘Originating from questions I was asking myself around the status of the art object in the world, and of structures of archive and presentation and the transactions inherent in making and showing art, Tissue Solo and the Artefacts forms part of a significant body of work that began in 2014 and… View more

DARRYN GEORGE – Ariki – 31 May-24 June, 2016

At first glance the six paintings in this exhibition seem simply to be geometric abstractions but Darryn George drew on his Maori background, his philosophy and personal experience in the development of this work. Earlier this year he was interviewed by Amanda Greenfield. An edited transcript appears below.   INTERVIEW – Darryn George speaks with Amanda Greenfield… View more

PHILIPPA BLAIR – Drawn to Paint – 3-27 May, 2016

“Drawing and painting are separate processes, yet linked together in a morphology of random moves.” (Philippa Blair, 2016) The sense of structure in Philippa Blair’s drawing and painting often starts with a geometric or gestural diagram. This diagram sets down an embryonic rhythm. A rhythm that is physical but also emotional. Blair then reveals and… View more

KEN CLARK – Time Frames – 3-27 May, 2016

ARTIST STATEMENT: Some time ago I heard the comment, “It’s easy to be a photographic artist, you only have to take one great image but a cinematographer has to take 24 great images every second.” This led me to take a different view of the individual frames that make up a moving image, each one… View more

SAM HARRISON – new sculpture and works on paper – 5-29 April, 2016

Brutalised walls of cast concrete are essential features of any modern city. Skylines around the world are defined by concrete’s upward reach. A staggering 330,000 cubic metres was used in just one building – the Burj Khalifa tower built in Dubai in 2009. Modern engineering developments have seen concrete evolve ambitiously into dams, canals and… View more

Nic Moon – Tributary – 8 March-2 April, 2016

Rivers, bones, flax, insects, leaves, traces. Light, shadow, cut metal, silhouette, pattern, history. The focus of Nic Moon‘s work is human ecology and the ways that people interact with the environments in which they live. Tributary includes sculpture and painting in an elegant installation that explores the theme of traces – in the natural world and in… View more

Josh Bashford – new woodcuts – 8 March-2 April, 2016

Josh Bashford presents seven pieces in this exhibition of new woodcuts. Several are large scale works printed on canvas. With an individual carving style Josh chisels through darkness with flowing marks. At first glance the images appear complex abstract patterns, but as one looks longer, one sees the images teem with life and symbology. ‘My work explores mark making and its ability to portray themes… View more

Chris Pole, Hamish Coleman, Andrew Ross, Gareth Brighton – 16 Feb-5 March, 2016

Three of the artists in this show – Chris Pole, Hamish Coleman and Gareth Brighton – use the photographic image or film stills as the basis for their work. The fourth – Andrew Ross – is a photographer who uses the traditional method: hand-printing from the photographic negative. CHRIS POLE HAMISH COLEMAN        ANDREW ROSS… View more

XMAS show – 1-24 Dec, 2015

           A GROUP SHOW FEATURING: Gretchen Albrecht, Liam Barr, Philippa Blair, Wendy Bornholdt, Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Sam Harrison, Tony de Lautour, Euan Macleod, Simon Ogden, Aiko Robinson, James Robinson, Margaret Silverwood, Llew Summers, Grant Takle. CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW FOR DETAILS ABOUT INDIVIDUAL WORKS   I’m perhaps writing this a few weeks early but… View more

Andy Leleisi’uao – Quaint People of Nuanua – 13 Oct-7 Nov, 2015

“This is an agnostic snapshot where past, present and future collide in trying to make sense of the next life.” – Andy Leleisi’uao Quaint: attractively strange or old-fashioned. Synonyms: picturesque, charming, sweet, attractive. Quaint is exactly how the latest suite of paintings from Andy Leleisi’uao appear. Leleisi’uao transports the viewer to a world of vibrant… View more

Marian Maguire – Feats, Pursuits & Endless Toil – 25 Aug-19 Sept, 2015

Marian Maguire has created a new series of large paintings around the theme of struggle. The characters are from Greek mythology but the subject was inspired by life in Christchurch post-quake. Alongside the paintings are a group of etchings in which Herakles or Maui wrestle the Lion or the Taniwha.  

Fran Maguire – PULSE – 4 to 22 August, 2015

A ceramic installation presented in three parts:  PULSE, Resonance 1, Resonance 2 Measuring 1.36 x 4.4 metres PULSE is comprised of 154 individually constructed ceramics, each one about 17cm in diameter. The pieces resonate visually and Fran Maguire has made a soundscape to go with this work which amplifies the experience of PULSE within the… View more

James Robinson – ‘Anthropocene and Asylum’ – 4 to 22 August, 2015

ANTHROPOCENE AND ASYLUM comprises of two parts. The first is a grouping of works that could be loosely termed paintings but are more aptly described as assemblages on canvas. These were made by James Robinson while he was guest artist in a residency programme, hosted by the Dunmoochin Foundation near Melbourne, during 2014. Having made the paintings James invited… View more

LURK – Nicole Bourke – 14 July to 1 August, 2015

LURK consists of 22 individual sculptures that Nicole Bourke has installed within the hallway area of the gallery. They are of a domestic scale, looking spectacular en masse, but also revealing intricate detailing on closer inspection. Some pieces seem to be growing out of nooks, as life-like textures and surfaces have been created with the broad array of… View more

W.D. Hammond – ‘Strap Buddy at the Bone Shop’ – 14 July-1 August, 2015

Earlier this year Bill Hammond broke the little finger on his right hand and at hospital they strapped the broken finger to the one next to it. That finger, the companion, they called the ‘strap buddy’ and ‘bone shop’ is a colloquial term for the orthopaedic department at the hospital.               

Aiko Robinson – Head over Heels – 23 June-11 July, 2015

An exhibition of woodcuts, wooden screens and watercolours inspired by traditional Japanese ‘shunga’. Christchurch based, of Japanese / New Zealand heritage, Aiko Robinson is a recent graduate of Elam School of Fine Art, Auckland. This is her first one-person exhibition. WARNING: this exhibition contains sexually explicit imagery AIKO ROBINSON – HEAD OVER HEELS by Jane Bowman The basic… View more

Andrew Ross : photographs 26 May-20 June, 2015

‘Craig’s Place, Otaki’  and ‘Three Views from Mataura’ These six photographs come from two series, one interior, one exterior. Both exhibit a fine sense of detail and luxurious tonal range. Aside from the intriguing subject matter there is a compositional tightness to Andrew Ross’s photographs which makes satisfying viewing especially on the book-plate scale he has… View more

WILLOW – Nigel Buxton – 26 May-20 June, 2015

I first drew willows 30 years ago. Planted as shade trees by the early settler farmers in an otherwise treeless and harsh environment they developed and grew into gnarled monsters, breaking themselves under the strain of their own weight and fierce storms. They were close to the cottage and a quick walk away. Armed with easel,… View more

CROSSINGS – Philippa Blair – 14 April-9 May, 2015

CROSSINGS recent paintings Philippa Blair This exhibition has accompanying text by Marian Maguire – images and text. 14 April – 9 May, 2015 MORE

LAUNCH – 9 March to 11 April, 2015

We are delighted to present this strong, poetic, playful, gutsy and humane exhibition as we re-launch the gallery, post earthquake repairs/renovations, and wish to thank the artists for their involvement and stellar contributions. more about LAUNCH               Exhibition dates: 10 March – 11 April PG gallery192 hours: Tues-Friday 10.30-5pm… View more