The residency offered the artists a chance to explore the historical, commercial and natural locations that are so emblematic of the island’s isolation and rugged natural beauty. They were also able to experience its complex and dynamic environment, with excursions hosted by local guides, whose knowledge of and enthusiasm for the science and local mythologies of the area plays such a large role in supporting the island’s exceptional culture.

47° South explores the potential for arts to engage with and build on the unique heritage that is Stewart Island/Rakiura and its people. The warmth with which the locals embraced the five visitors and their project left lasting impressions on the artists and has helped forge strong partnerships between both communities, adding to the success of the whole project.

The works that resulted from the residency was exhibited at Oban, Stewart Island/Rakiura in mid 2016. Following this exhibition, a ‘Solander box’, comprising a full set of original prints from the exhibition, was gifted back to the island community. The 47° South exhibition will then continue with a tour of regional galleries and museums throughout mainland New Zealand from 2016 to 2017.

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(Prices listed are for unframed works.)

Jacqueline Aust, 'Above and Below', photoploymer etching, 500 x 350mm, ed.15, 2016  Jacqueline Aust, 'Flight Simulation', photoploymer etching, 500 x 350mm, ed.15, 2016  Jacqueline Aust, 'Beneath on a dark day', monotype, 570 x 350mm, 2016  Jacqueline Aust, 'Rakiura II', photoploymer & monotype, 350 x 500mm, ed. 5, 2016Jenna Packer, 'Embrace', etching, 350 x 500mm, ed. 15, 2016 Jenna Packer, 'Te Ponga O Ngakau', etching, 500 x 350mm, ed.15, 2016Jenna Packer, 'Confluence: Rakiura Screen', 3 panel acrylic on canvas, 1515 x 1500, 2016        Jenna Packer, 'British Sovereignty procliamed 1840', acrylic on canvas, 150 x 305mm, 2016

 Inge Doesburg, 'Soliloquy I', photopolymer etching, 500 x 350m, ed.1,5 2016 Inge Doesburg, 'Soliloquium', etching, 50 x 500mm, ed.15, 2016  Inge Doesburg, 'Soliloquium VII', digital print, 270 x 360, ed.10 2016 Inge Doesburg, 'Soliloquium VI', digital print, 270 x 350mm, ed.10, 2016

Jacqui Colley, 'Blush 1', oil on canvas, 610 x 505mm, 2016 Jacqui Colley, 'Blush Small World 1', drypoint engraving, 500 x 350mm, ed.15, 2016 Jacqui Colley, 'Blush Small World 2', drypoint engraving, 500 x 350mm ed.15, 2016  Jacqui Colley, 'Blush 3', oil on canvas, 800 x 800mm, 2016

Jacqui Colley, 'Blush 4', oil on linen, 810 x 810mm, 2016     John Pusateri, 'Ruru Whero', lithograph, 350 x 500mm, ed.15, 2016  John Pusateri, 'Storm', lithograph, 500 x 350mm, ed.15 2016 John Pusateri, 'Negative Gull 2', pencil, gouche & watercolour, 2016