ANA CATALINA VICUÑA – Tides – 18 June-12 July 2019

‘It began as an exercise, an experiment.
surrounded by water,
stepping on loose lands,
this was a way to accept my own reality:
temporary, suspended, and vulnerable.
Searching the void,
freeing the mind of thoughts, images, and words,
I understood how white space,
just like silence,
has meaning.
As tides, sometimes high,
and sometimes low,
this exercise became a ritual,
my prison and refuge,
…my infinite habit.’

With a light touch, Ana Catalina Vicuña has brought into existence seven individual watercolours and one large composite work that gently claim the gallery walls. Vicuña is a Chilean artist, now resident in New Zealand. She has exhibited in Chile, France, Spain, USA and New Zealand. This is her first one-person exhibition in Christchurch since 2004 and we are delighted to host it.

ARTISTS TALK: Tues 25 June, 12pm.
Ana Catalina Vicuna and Tim J. Veling will each talk about their exhibitions and how their approach has developed.
Free entry, all welcome.