CHRIS POLE – Relative Locations – 19 Feb-15 March 2019

Upper Waimakariri from North Face of Mt. Bruce, Chris Pole, 2018, oil on canvas, 1700 x 675mm
Relative Locations
Chris Pole

In this exhibition of new paintings Chris Pole has worked from photographs of the Canterbury high country, an area he knows well. By slicing and sliding the frames, thus shifting the groundlines, he has created abrupt mismatches that accentuate the upward thrust of the mountains, the downward pull of scree slopes and the rumbling horizontality of river flats. The weather seems to move fast, the wind buffets. Rivers continuosly gush, boulders continuously roll, nothing stays still. These landscapes are beautiful yet totally unromantic. In them Chris Pole has caught the mountain-scape in active process.

West from Browning Pass/ Roti Raureka III, Chris Pole, 2019, oil on canvas, 1560 x 545mm, (SOLD)
Hooker Valley from the Mueller Range by Chris Pole, 2019 Oil on canvas framed    West from Browning Pass Roti Raureka II, by Chris Pole, 2019 Oil on canvas