DOC ROSS: WALKING with eyes open – 1-25 Nov 2016

1010 x 1530mm, pigment print on rag paper, ed. 5, $2500 unf

“I have always been that type of photographer who walks and collects images randomly, somewhat in the tradition of American photographers like Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander. Sometimes I have built individual series of work from these, but in general I have just observed and recorded whatever interested me. Those things not immediately photographed by others usually being what attracted me most. My personal feeling has always been that I want to add to the world of photography, not just add more photographs to the world.
     After the earthquakes, and the subsequent onslaught of what became known as earthquake porn – photographs of broken buildings, diggers, hi-vis vests etc – I realised that the usually ignored angle I have always been attracted to, was now more important than ever. Or to be totally honest was actually important. The one thing I thought people in fifty years or so would like to look back at was the people in the city, how they looked, how they felt, and how they perhaps changed over the period of the city’s recovery.”
Doc Ross, October 2016

Below are a selection of the 42 photographs in the exhibition. The show is accompanied by a small catalogue.

dr16048 dr16047 dr16044 dr16042

dr16034 dr16030 dr16027 dr16019

dr16015 dr16014 dr16013 dr16001

dr16big053  dr16big054  dr16big051