FEATURE: ‘Still Life #72’ by Nigel Buxton

Still Life #72
by Nigel Buxton
2005, ink and chalk pastel on paper.
1030 x 760mm
1230 x 920mm (framed)

More often than not, art making is a solo activity. Lockdown is therefore familiar territory for artists. The sense of living-in-the-studio is clearly exemplified in Nigel Buxton’s work.
His most persistent theme, one that has engaged him for thirty years or more, is ‘still life’. But perhaps the word ‘interior’ more aptly describes his approach. Buxton evokes space by mapping the shimmering dimensions between objects, the studio walls, the easel and himself. These works are drawn and redrawn. Time is a crucial factor as he makes repeated returns to the studio in a form of ritual; reengaging with the subject each time, concentrating, meditating on it, seeing the subject afresh.
The studio set-up changes for each drawing as a landscape might. Objects and shapes come and go so the drawings evolve in a similar manner. Still Life #72 is from 2005, the era of the red cloth and the dark shield shape. Hanging drapes in black or blue, bentwood chairs and lemons are some of the other elements that have made appearances. More recent works have had a Mondrian-esque feel. Dark bands, juxtaposing at right angles, have mapped the walls and the space has become flatter

Nigel will be exhibiting new work, on a different but related theme, in June, 2020.
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A short catalogue about his still life interiors, with an essay by Marian Maguire, is available through the website or from the gallery.