FEATURE: ‘Forest Light’ by Rebecca Harris

Forest Light
Rebecca Harris
2019, oil on board, 930 x 1240mm

Based on nature, this painting marks a change from Rebecca’s fantastical paintings
though an aura of otherworldliness still imbues it. Teetering on a line between the magical
and the real Rebecca is inspired by nature and the feelings that rise up in her when she is
immersed in it. It was when she was walking in Bottle Lake Forest, on Christchurch’s north
east fringe, that sun penetrated the pines this particular image struck her. While the influx
of light provides the overall impression, Forest Light rewards close viewing. Beautifully
detailed, each section is sensitively depicted with exquisite use of oil paint.
Forest Light was first exhibited in Somewhere To Go in 2019.

We are delighted that Rebecca Harris will be showing with us again later in 2020.
For more of her work see her catalogue page.


Rebbecca Harris featured in NZ House & Garden March 2020 issue.