Fran Maguire – PULSE – 4 to 22 August, 2015

A ceramic installation presented in three parts:  PULSE, Resonance 1, Resonance 2

FM_Pulse_angle_750Measuring 1.36 x 4.4 metres PULSE is comprised of 154 individually constructed ceramics, each one about 17cm in diameter.

The pieces resonate visually and Fran Maguire has made a soundscape to go with this work which amplifies the experience of PULSE within the exhibition.

‘Once my hands connect with clay , idea and object evolve quite fluidly, one being the stepping stone for the next and the work seems to be pulled through my subconscious. There’s an earthy connection to a deep old knowing in working with clay which continues to intrigue me.
I use clay to document myself. The objects I make become my teachers, a narrative to my life and vessels for my conscious and subconscious thought.’
Fran Maguire

Both end sections of the installation – comprising of thirty-five pieces (7 down x 5 across) – have been composed to form complete works and are available for $5000.
The pieces through the centre are available individually for $150 each.






Resonance 1
Acrylic sheet and ceramic
880 x 1450mm
$2000 (SOLD)



Resonance 2 (SOLD)
Acrylic sheet and ceramic
910 x 1810mm


Born in Christchurch in 1960, Fran Maguire is the third of seven children. For as long as she can remember she has made objects. Fran moved to Auckland in the early 1980’s and then overseas, living in London, New York and France before returning to New Zealand in 1993. She now lives in Marlborough.
Nationally recognized, Fran Maguire is an award winning ceramicist who has been exhibiting since 1996. Her work is held in national and international public and private collections. Fran makes both domestic and sculptural pieces.

Artist website:

PULSE relates to an earlier exhibition I’mPulse which was installed in the Suter Gallery, Nelson, in 2013.
‘The ceramic wall installation comprising 700 ceramic ‘pulses’ responded to the concept of population and explored theories of evolution, genetics, ecology and communication.
The ‘pulses’ or ‘cells’ were arranged in a loose grid-like format across the walls of the gallery. These concave or convex forms were individualised with graphic designs that mimic physical sensations such as pulses and vibrations. The design of each cell implies that it is part of, or relies on something else. As a whole work, I’m Pulse became a resonating field of transmitters and receivers that reflected the complex inter-relationship of matter at a micro and macro level.’
Anna Marie White, Suter Art Gallery