JAMES ROBINSON – Witches’ Song – 14 March–6 April, 2023

Manufactured Crisis, Left, Center, Right, 2022 mixed media $30,000 for all 3

James Robinson is an expressionist artist assosiated with a generation of painters in New Zealand that gained national prominence in the early 2000’s

Install of 'Medusa Helmet (Barren Alter)' and 'Manufactured Crisis'  Detail of 'Manufactured Crisis'

Robinson says that the paintings in Witches’ Song are experimental free-hanging works that, although individual, oscillate against one another, putting their secret pieces together, and as with most of my practice, it is some kind of internal sequence of events. I do make pictures… and I don’t deliberately make them.

Medusa's Helmet (Barren Alter), 2022 mixed media stretched, 1800 x 1900mm, $20,000

“Rather, I make them fall apart and then I reintergrate them and they do this performance. It is an unconscious thing. My stuff is quite busy but the text on my paintings is in whispered narratives.”

Exerpts from Feature in Art Beat – Metropol by Warren Feeney

(The exhibition title is from a Marianne Faithful song, which James Robinson’s mother used to play receptively when he was a boy. Listen to it on youtube: WITCHES’ SONG)

Ghosting, 2021, mixed media, 52 piece, 2700 x 3360mm $32,000

'Ghosting' detail    'Ghosting' detail

Temple Entry, 2022, mixed media, 1780 x 2400mm, $20,000

   The Tower, 2022, mixed media, 1880 x 1800mm, $19,000               Ancestral Memories, 2022 mixed media, 1860 x 740mm, $9800

   7, 2015, mixed media stretched, 1350 x 1500mm, $12,000Egregore (thoughtform), 2021, mixed media, 2700 x 3360mm, $4800

8 Bits, 2020-22, mixed media (enquire for dimensions and prices)