JULIA HOLDEN – fanfiction – 18 June-13 July, 2018

noun: fanfiction
a term used to describe the inventions of an admirer of an existing piece of work (most often a novel, TV show or movie), which feature characters or storylines borrowed from the original.

after Edouard Manet

Julia Holden has recreated five still life paintings by Manet by modelling asparagus, apples, plums and mandarins in clay, then painting the clay, the table surface and the backgrounds to match Manet’s colours. She then photographed the results and has printed them as unique archival pigment prints on canvas, the same size as the original paintings by Manet. The frames are a part of the work.




after Giorgio Morandi
In this case Julia Holden has recreated still life paintings by Morandi by modelling clay forms and bottles, which are imitations of those in Morandi’s arrangements. She then painted the clay, the table surface and the backgrounds to match Morandi’s colours and photographed the results which are printed in archival pigments on paper in an edition of five.