KEN CLARK – Time Frames – 3-27 May, 2016

Some time ago I heard the comment, “It’s easy to be a photographic artist, you only have to take one great image but a cinematographer has to take 24 great images every second.”

This led me to take a different view of the individual frames that make up a moving image, each one seen for less than a fiftieth of a second. Over thirty years as a film editor I saw countdown leaders constantly and repeatedly. The countdown leader, which an audience rarely if ever saw, is the section of film that precedes the actual on-air content. For me the film leader was always the precursor of something wonderful appearing on screen, either something I had helped create or another person’s vision.

The images in this series are printed on canvas as a way to replicate, as much as possible, the pathway of films viewed in the cinema a few decades ago. First the image was captured by the reaction of chemicals to light, on a strip of film. The chemical structure changed and the minute crystals formed created colour and texture. When the negative film was printed, again by a photo-chemical reaction, onto a positive print film there was additional texture. The image, with all this texture, is projected onto a large canvas screen. This screen also has texture from the warp and weft of the fabric. These intrinsic visual textures, which bring an extra layer of life and motion to film, are reproduced in the exhibition Time Frames.

Time Frames: A series of 12 inkjet prints on canvas, $380 each, edition size: 8

Ken Clark was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1957. He has worked mainly in film and video, being placed 3rd in a BBC Television ASIFA, ICOGRADA Animated Film Competition in 1973. In 2003 he was a finalist in the New Zealand Academy of Film and Television Arts award for Design. His film “Snip” was nominated for a ‘MOA’ in the 2015 Rialto New Zealand Film Awards. Clark’s video work has been exhibited in Cannes, London, New York and San Francisco. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Design from CPIT and a BFA (Hons) from Canterbury University.