LURK – Nicole Bourke – 14 July to 1 August, 2015


LURK consists of 22 individual sculptures that Nicole Bourke has installed within the hallway area of the gallery. They are of a domestic scale, looking spectacular en masse, but also revealing intricate detailing on closer inspection. Some pieces seem to be growing out of nooks, as life-like textures and surfaces have been created with the broad array of media employed by Bourke.


Lurk #18, Nicole Bourke, Expanding foam, flock and acrylic, 2015NBK1513-detLurk #4, Nicole Bourke, Expanding foam, flock and acrylic, 2015Lurk #5, Nicole Bourke, Expanding foam, flock and acrylic, 2015NBK1515-detNBK1509-detLurk #12, Nicole Bourke, Expanding foam, flock and acrylic, 2015Lurk #1, Nicole Bourke, Expanding foam, flock and acrylic, 2015NBK1502-detNBK1511

Install image of Lurks, Nicole BourkeInstall image of Lurks, Nicole Bourke













Nicole Bourke attended the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts from 2005 – 2011. Her first solo exhibition was at the CoCA in Christchurch. Since then she has exhibited in many group shows in Canterbury and Auckland, along with a show at the Switchback Gallery, Monash University in Victoria, Australia. Her work is held in many private collections as well as by The James Wallace Art Collection and NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Bourke’s art practice is a process of scientific experimentation and examination. She is fascinated by the complex patterns and details inherent in microphotographs of the natural and the cellular. These microphotographs depict a specimen so closely that you feel transported into another world of dewy crystalline, exotic colours and amorphous shapes. It is this hidden world which is explored by Bourke as she transforms photographic imagery into three-dimensional forms. The forms evoke the surreal and fantastical, as they are generated from the depths of her artistic imagination. A wide array of materials and processes are used in exploration of Bourke’s ideas, including polystyrene, wood, latex, flocking, gloss medium and expanding foam. She approaches materials with a sense of playfulness as they are poured, dripped, layered and expanded and the outcome is often intuitive and determined through this act of experimentation.