Andy Leleisi’uao – Quaint People of Nuanua – 13 Oct-7 Nov, 2015

“This is an agnostic snapshot where past, present and future collide in trying to make sense of the next life.” – Andy Leleisi’uao Quaint: attractively strange or old-fashioned. Synonyms: picturesque, charming, sweet, attractive. Quaint is exactly how the latest suite of paintings from Andy Leleisi’uao appear. Leleisi’uao transports the viewer to a world of vibrant… View more

Marian Maguire – Feats, Pursuits & Endless Toil – 25 Aug-19 Sept, 2015

Marian Maguire has created a new series of large paintings around the theme of struggle. The characters are from Greek mythology but the subject was inspired by life in Christchurch post-quake. Alongside the paintings are a group of etchings in which Herakles or Maui wrestle the Lion or the Taniwha.  

Fran Maguire – PULSE – 4 to 22 August, 2015

A ceramic installation presented in three parts:  PULSE, Resonance 1, Resonance 2 Measuring 1.36 x 4.4 metres PULSE is comprised of 154 individually constructed ceramics, each one about 17cm in diameter. The pieces resonate visually and Fran Maguire has made a soundscape to go with this work which amplifies the experience of PULSE within the… View more

James Robinson – ‘Anthropocene and Asylum’ – 4 to 22 August, 2015

ANTHROPOCENE AND ASYLUM comprises of two parts. The first is a grouping of works that could be loosely termed paintings but are more aptly described as assemblages on canvas. These were made by James Robinson while he was guest artist in a residency programme, hosted by the Dunmoochin Foundation near Melbourne, during 2014. Having made the paintings James invited… View more

LURK – Nicole Bourke – 14 July to 1 August, 2015

LURK consists of 22 individual sculptures that Nicole Bourke has installed within the hallway area of the gallery. They are of a domestic scale, looking spectacular en masse, but also revealing intricate detailing on closer inspection. Some pieces seem to be growing out of nooks, as life-like textures and surfaces have been created with the broad array of… View more

Strap Buddy at the Bone Shop

Strap Buddy at the Bone Shop Bill Hammond 2015, acrylic on canvas 1005 x 1915mm POA Contact


Bone Bill Hammond 2015, acrylic on canvas 290 x 240mm SOLD

Strap Buddy

Strap Buddy Bill Hammond 2015, acrylic on canvas 363 x 285mm SOLD Contact

Strap Buddy at the Bone Shop 3

Strap Buddy at the Bone Shop 3 Bill Hammond 2015, acrylic on canvas 510 x 510mm SOLD

Bone Buddies

Bone Buddies Bill Hammond 2015, acrylic on canvas 525 x 525mm SOLD

Strap Buddies at the Bone Shop 2

Strap Buddies at the Bone Shop 2 Bill Hammond 2015, acrylic on canvas 645 x 545mm SOLD

W.D. Hammond – ‘Strap Buddy at the Bone Shop’ – 14 July-1 August, 2015

Earlier this year Bill Hammond broke the little finger on his right hand and at hospital they strapped the broken finger to the one next to it. That finger, the companion, they called the ‘strap buddy’ and ‘bone shop’ is a colloquial term for the orthopaedic department at the hospital.               

Aiko Robinson – Head over Heels – 23 June-11 July, 2015

An exhibition of woodcuts, wooden screens and watercolours inspired by traditional Japanese ‘shunga’. Christchurch based, of Japanese / New Zealand heritage, Aiko Robinson is a recent graduate of Elam School of Fine Art, Auckland. This is her first one-person exhibition. WARNING: this exhibition contains sexually explicit imagery AIKO ROBINSON – HEAD OVER HEELS by Jane Bowman The basic… View more

Andrew Ross : photographs 26 May-20 June, 2015

‘Craig’s Place, Otaki’  and ‘Three Views from Mataura’ These six photographs come from two series, one interior, one exterior. Both exhibit a fine sense of detail and luxurious tonal range. Aside from the intriguing subject matter there is a compositional tightness to Andrew Ross’s photographs which makes satisfying viewing especially on the book-plate scale he has… View more

WILLOW – Nigel Buxton – 26 May-20 June, 2015

I first drew willows 30 years ago. Planted as shade trees by the early settler farmers in an otherwise treeless and harsh environment they developed and grew into gnarled monsters, breaking themselves under the strain of their own weight and fierce storms. They were close to the cottage and a quick walk away. Armed with easel,… View more

CROSSINGS – Philippa Blair – 14 April-9 May, 2015

CROSSINGS recent paintings Philippa Blair This exhibition has accompanying text by Marian Maguire – images and text. 14 April – 9 May, 2015 MORE

LAUNCH – 9 March to 11 April, 2015

We are delighted to present this strong, poetic, playful, gutsy and humane exhibition as we re-launch the gallery, post earthquake repairs/renovations, and wish to thank the artists for their involvement and stellar contributions. more about LAUNCH                 Exhibition dates: 10 March – 11 April PG gallery192 hours: Tues-Friday… View more