PHILIPPA BLAIR – Molecular – 5 April-6 May 2022


   Philippa Blair, 'More Scents Than Directions', 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas, diptych, 1520 x 1015mm overall       In Strange Times, Philippa Blair, 2021 Painting, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 1520 x 1015mm overall, (SOLD)

“Colour like music, you cannot hold back from an emotion, whereas black and white is linked with writing and the letter and reason, color is not  rational, color is dangerous. You fall into it. You can’t control it”
Quote from Pipilotti Rist in article by Carolina A. Miranda for LA Times

On her 2021 “Big Heartedness Be My Neighbour” exhibition at MOCA (Geffen Contemporary)


The disquieting effect of the pandemic has inevitably fed into this exhibition. Though abstract, Philippa Blair’s work is always responsive. The four paintings above harness a strange energy, dynamic and raw. It is unclear whether we look into something molecular or something of universal scale. But then that is how things are at the moment. Philippa’s father was a scientist, her mother a musician. During the making of the drawings, constructions and paintings in this exhibition she reflected on them both.

Philippa Blair works continuously through photography, drawing, collage, decollage and painting. At times this stretches into construction. Four constructed works, that could also be described as 3D drawings, are included in Molecular, as are a group of 10 collage/decollage drawings that intrigue with the freshness of their layering.

Through drawing Philippa builds a feel for how to approach painting; they give her muscle memory and carve thought tracks. Once on canvas, she aims to paint naturally, in tune with her intention, with the industry of the drawings behind her as a solid base.  She recently stumbled on a quote (source unknown) that spoke to her objective: A flow of consciousness producing effortless action.
Portrait, 3D drawing, 960 (h) x 680 (w) x 70mm (d) $3900

Masquerade, 3D drawing, 980 x 780 x 80mm $3600 So where do we go now?, 3D drawing, 920 x 600 x 30mm $3900 Bandaged Landscapes, 3D drawing, 540 x 750 x 50mm $3000

   Dance Score #2, Philippa Blair, 2021, mixed media collage on paper, 500 x 345mm, (SOLD)      

 Dance Score #6, Philippa Blair, 2021, mixed media collage on paper, 430 x 350mm, (SOLD)       

ARTISTS TALK – Wed 27 April, 12pm
Philippa Blair: Molecular / Polly Gilroy: Traces
Join the artists for a discussion about these interweaving exhibitions
(please wear a mask)