POLLY GILROY – In absence of – 15 Sept-9 Oct 2020

In this elegant exhibition Polly Gilroy has assembled a body of work that cultivates the space between us, and explores the many faces of colour through sensory and perceptual experiences. Intriguingly titled ‘In absence of’, these works are elusive. Soft hazes of silk slowly engulf colours whilst selectively capturing and amplifying light.

This new series brings the stretcher bars and support structures into the formal composition, offering viewers something to look at as well as something to look through and beyond. Unseen hues fall away, margins interweave while veiling and unveiling sun-faded layers. The quiet works create a contemplative space, encouraging the viewer to question, ‘in absence of’ what?

Sun faded by Polly Gilroy, 2020, Silk and chiffon on pine

As an abstract minimalist artist, Polly’s constructions attempt to survey the expected confines of traditional painting. She embraces the point of transition between sculpture and painting, binding the two through multi-faceted structures.