ROBERT MCLEOD – Balancing Act – 8 Oct-2 Nov 2018

This is Robert McLeod‘s first exhibition in Christchurch for ten years and is thus something of a ‘catch-up’ exhibition, featuring paintings that illustrate some of the strands in his work from 2010 to 2018.

His perverse ‘Disneyesque’ figures are a response to the current state of prejudice and intolerance in the world.  McLeod comments that he “grew up reading science fiction, thinking that aliens were from Mars.  [Now] America calls anyone they don’t want in their country an alien.  That’s odd language to use to describe other humans.”

     The Gogol Group, 2015 oil and enamel on plywood
 Hooser, 2018 oil and enamel on plywood Squeeze mocks, 2012 oil and enamel on plywood
Stressed worker with Banshee, 2010/12 oil and enamel on plywood The Banshee says hello, 2018 oil and enamel on plywood Mac Ara Escapes, 2016 oil and enamel on plywood Richter monument with dead alien, 2012/14 oil and enamel on plywood