TIM J. VELING – Sentinels – 18 June-12 July 2019


For eight years Tim J. Veling has been photographing the Residential Redzone in Christchurch, starting when houses were still being demolished, observing the clearances, the wildness, the mowing, the management. It has become meditative returning for him; he is a patient witness to change. In this grouping he focusses on a double row of cypresses, which had once been someone’s driveway but are now living architecture; landmarks on a strange rambling landscape.

ARTISTS TALK: Tues 25 June, 12pm.
Tim J. Veling and Ana Catalina Vicuña will each talk about their exhibitions and how they have developed their approach to art making. Free entry, all welcome.


Sentinels, 360 degree panorama frame by frame video