VIVIENNE MURCHISON – Go Beyond – 25 Feb-20 March 2020

Come Here and Go Beyond, 2018, watercolour, 750 x 1050mm (SOLD)

For Vivienne Murchison there is an internal experience of instantaneous and dynamically changing tonal impressions which overlay colour vibrations onto moods, atmosphere, music and personalities. Go Beyond is a series of paintings in response to these ‘colour sensations’ and offers us the notion that colour is a form of consciousness. An annual sojourn to the South Island’s Mohua/Golden Bay – for Murchison, a place of recharge and renewal – has provided impressions going beyond that of time and place.

Red, I give you Brown; It is August, 2018, watercolour, 750 x 1050, $2,200 unframed (SOLD)  Ihutai, 2018, watercolour, 750 x 1050, $2,200 unframed  This Morning is My Indigo Blue- May 9th, 2018, watercolour, 750 x 1050, $2,200 unframed

Vivienne Murchison studied painting at The Ilam School of Fine Arts, gaining a BFA(Hons) in 2018 and an MFA with Distinction in 2019. Based in Canterbury her exhibitions include the Nebula group exhibition for emerging artists from Ilam at the 2019 Christchurch Arts Festival; Qualia MFA submission exhibition 2019 in Next Gallery; group shows Select17 and Ilam 2018 at SoFA gallery, and Diversity 2014, a UCSA group show. She was a finalist in Select’17 exhibition and award, UC, runner up in the UC Diversity award 2014 and winner of the Lonsdale-Edgar Prize in Drawing in 2013.
Central to Vivienne’s practise is her synaesthetic experience of colour. To exploit this subjective experience she offers the opportunity to experience colour as she does – as energy – each colour a unique vibration in constant motion. Her research has evolved into a practice which exploits the luminous quality of watercolour with single washes of carefully considered pigments – offering a visual expansion which alludes to the notion that everything material however small, has an element of consciousness.

‘The concept of alchemy – highlighted through colour, tone, depth, light and transparency – underpins
Murchison’s art practice, where subtle materiality of watercolour pigment is acknowledged in the
choice of heavy-weight textured paper. Washes in motion, pigments stilled. An openness prevails,
and the feeling of ever-expanding spaces – momentarily at least – stopped short, confined only
by the paper edge. Although Murchison initiates each exploration, more important is her willingness
to consent to compositions that form themselves, boldly claiming the results as ‘universal truths.’
Grant Banbury in ‘Qualia’, 2019.

Red - A Long Light, 2019, watercolour, 560 x 760mm, $1,500 unframed  Tuhuroa - Cape Farewell, 2020, watercolour, 560 x 760mm (SOLD)  Te Puna O Riuwaka, 2020, watercolour, 560 x 760mm (SOLD)
Te Matau - Seperation Point, 2019, watercolour, 560 x 760mm (SOLD)  Spiritum Deorum - Breathe, 2019, watercolour, 560 x 760mm, SOLD