WINTER STOCK – 16 July-23 Aug, 2019






Philippa Blair, Tony Bond, Roger Boyce, Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton, Bill Culbert,
Julia Holden, Ralph Hotere, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Simon Ogden
James Robinson, Andrew Ross, Terry Stringer, Tim J. Veling, Ana Catalina Vicuña

Featuring work pulled from the archives, fresh arrivals, and plum works from recent shows.

 Cyclops, James Robinson, 2005-19, mixed media on canvas, 1140 x 760, $6,750Pink Painting (with dog), Euan Macleod, 2003, oil and acrylic on polyester, 1200 x 690mmTunnel, Euan Macleod, 1999-2000, oil and acrylic on polyester, 890 x 1200mm


Half Light, by Bill Culbert
Round Midnight - December, by Ralph Hotere