XMAS show – 1-24 Dec, 2015

Install shot  Install shot    Install shot  Install shotInstall shot  Install shotInstall shot


Gretchen Albrecht, Liam Barr, Philippa Blair,
Wendy Bornholdt, Joanna Braithwaite, Nigel Buxton,
Sam Harrison, Tony de Lautour, Euan Macleod,
Simon Ogden, Aiko Robinson, James Robinson,
Margaret Silverwood, Llew Summers, Grant Takle.



Copper, Gretchen AlbrechtBridesnone, Liam BarrLlew SummersPhilippa BlairPhilippa BlairLlew SummersLast Dance I, Joanna BraithwaiteLast Dance II, Joanna BraithwaiteLast Dance III, Joanna BraithwaiteUntitled #20, by Nigel BuxtonUntitled #19, by Nigel BuxtonUntitled, Sam HarrisonUntitled, Sam HarrisonTower, Tony De LatourStand II, Tony De LatourStand I, Tony De LatourEuan MacleodEuan MacleodDouble Vision by Simon OgdenAR15p01AR15p02AR15p03James RobinsonJames RobinsonJames RobinsonJames RobinsonWomb Chair by Margaret SilverwoodMargaret SilverwoodGrant TakleLick the Wall by Wendy Bornholdt

I’m perhaps writing this a few weeks early but having just got the XMAS show on the walls I have been reflecting on 2015 …

In my role as co-director of PG gallery192 (with Nigel Buxton) I’d like to thank everyone who has come to the gallery this year.
2015 has been a big one for us. It was a massive effort getting/keeping the business together after all the uncertainty and upheaval post quake and we continue to be delighted by the beauty of the reconstructed gallery and how well it serves the art – the current show being now no exception.
It’s an odd thing for Nigel and me to be artists as well as gallery operators – not the normal model. But that is just the way things seem to have worked out. Life!
All the staff are artists – Amanda Greenfield, Jane Bowman, Tessa Warburton – and I believe it makes a positive difference to the ethos of the place to have the visual sensitivity of practitioners embedded in our gallery structure.
We all very much appreciate the contribution and creativity of the other artists we work with: those in the current show, those who have exhibited this year or will do so next, those who turn up to the openings and yarn with each other.
A gallery is wonderful when one is the only one in it and can sink into the intimacy of a visual experience with someone else’s creative invention without distraction – that’s when I enjoy it most. But a gallery is also a forum, a meet space, where dialogue around and within art happen. It continually amazes me how conversations develop, stimulated by objects nearby, that interweave art and ideas with our experience of life.

Thanks again for your interest and support this year
Marian Maguire