‘Wonderland’ Joanna Braithwaite catalogue

2005 Catalogue

Image Size:
Overall Size: 240 x 220mm

The world of Joanna Braithwaite's painting is part menagerie, part bestiary, part human zoo.

This 48-page publication is an introduction to a world where the laws of nature are calmly bent, and wonderful hybrids emerge. From falling frogs to a performing chihuahua through to humans lifted skyward by flocks of butterflies, this publication captures the full range of Braithwaite's strange creatures in more than fifty full-colour illustrations.

Includes essays by the curators of the exhibitionWonderland, Felicity Milburn and Justin Paton.
Published by Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Christchurch Art Gallery in 2005

Joanna Braithwaite
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