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CARDS – selection 2016

greeting cards

Image Size: 110 x 160mm
Overall Size: 13 cards, envelopes included

Pack of 13 greeting cards of selected images from PG exhibitions.

1.    Atlas, Marian Maguire
2.    Red Composition #1, Nigel Buxton
3.    Woman, Sam Harrison
4.    Democratic Vistas, John Reynolds
5.    And the Seven Seas, W.D. Hammond
6.    Watercolour (Mayfly), Nic Moon
7.    Burdens of Clothing & Skin,  Aiko Robinson
8.    Wild Nature, Philippa Blair
9.    Going into Eternity, James Robinson
10.  Womb Chair, Margaret Silverwood
11.   Dusky Sound, Euan Macleod
12.   The Last Judgement, Giorgio Ghisi
13.   Ariki #8, Darryn George

$35 from the gallery
or $40 includes p+p within New Zealand

(Most cards are available, if one is out of stock it can be replaced with another)