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CARDS – selection 1 – Marian Maguire

greeting cards

Image Size: 110 x 160mm
Overall Size: 10 cards

Pack of 10 greeting cards of images by Marian Maguire.
Envelopes included.

1.   Herakles writes Home
2.   Herakles struggles with the Taniwha
3.   Attic Volute Crater, 1779, depicting scenes from the Odyssey of Captain Cook
4.   Herakles wrestles the Taniwha
5.   Herakles goes Hunting
6.   Mount Egmont from the Southward
7.   Herakles attempts to construct a Chariot from No.8 wire
8.    Athena is Dismayed at the Lack of Progress Herakles has made towards Arcadia
9.    The Labours of Herakles
10.  Ko wai koe?

$30 from the gallery
or $35 includes p+p within New Zealand

(Most cards are available, if one is out of stock it can be replaced with another)