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‘Stella & Cecil: A Kaikoura Composition’ by Bridgit Anderson & Margaret Egan

2021 book

Image Size: 64 pages
Overall Size: 260 x 210mm

Bridgit Anderson and Margaret Egan composed a series of still lifes to create a portrait of Cecil Wallace, a Kaikoura dentist, and his wife Stella, Margaret's grandparents. The photographs reveal tools, curios and treasures that made up their lives and survived in the many nooks and crannies of their home.

Photographs: Bridgit Anderson
Concept and words: Margaret Egan

64 pages, 260 x 210mm, with full colour reproductions|
Published by Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd, 2021
ISBN 9781990007200
$35 includes p+p within NZ
Limited hard cover copies available: $80 plus p+p

Bridgit Anderson: Stella & Cecil exhibition 6-24 July 2021