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‘The Labours of Herakles’ by Marian Maguire (revised)

2015 catalogue

Image Size: 210 x 240mm
Overall Size: 128 pages

This catalogue is a revised and expanded edition, published to accompany Marian Maguire's exhibition of The Labours of Herakles at  Antikensammlungen in Munich, Germany in 2015. It includes plates of all images in the series, plus four lithographs from The Odyssey of Captain Cook series, which set the scene for Herakles' migration to the southern hemisphere.

The 2015 edition includes an introduction by Rolf Michael Schneider, presented in both English and German, and a revised essay by art historian Elizabeth Rankin, with German translation, which is illustrated by much of Maguire's source material from both the Cook and Herakles series. An essay by classical scholar Patrick O'Sullivan describes Herakles and his mythic past. And to provide a fuller picture of the 19thC in New Zealand, photographs and extracts from settler accounts - most written in the first person, with an explanatory introduction by Maguire - are also featured.

ISBN 978-0-473-32796-5
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