Ana Catalina Vicuña

‘It’s a loyal, persistent and rigorous record; an obsession for feeling in control, when in reality, we don’t control a thing.’

Ana Catalina Vicuña work exhibits lightness of touch and deep respect for the process of making. Often she has painted undulating fields that flicker across the surface. At other times she has embroidered onto linen, her marks being stitched threads. Her recent works are watercolour on paper. The watercolour sits delicately on the surface and appears to flow according to an internal current. It is as if, through her gesture, she is witnessing passing moments.

Born in Chile in 1977, Ana Catalina Vicuña originally trained as a graphic designer. In 2002 she moved to Christchurch, New Zealand and started her artistic career. Three years later, she returned to Chile and her work has been exhibited widely, in solo and group exhibitions in Chile and abroad (France, Spain, USA and New Zealand); also in international art fairs, such as Slick Art Fair (Paris, 2013) and Art al Vent (Spain, 2015). Ana Catalina’s work is part of private collections, such us Masisa Company and Talca University. She moved back to New Zealand and has been living and working here since 2017.

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