Polly Gilroy

Polly Gilroy is a Christchurch-based artist. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with first class Honours from Massey University, Wellington in 2017 and has exhibited work at PG Gallery192 (Christchurch), Foenander Gallery (Auckland), Ashburton Art Gallery, St Margaret’s College (Christchurch), Potocki Paterson Gallery (Wellington), Massey University (Wellington) and Wakefield Law Firm (Wellington). Polly has also been a finalist in the Zonta Ashburton Female Art Awards 2020 and 2021.

As an abstract minimalist artist, Gilroy’s constructions encourage her audience to question the boundaries of traditional painting and the expected confines. She embraces the point of transition beween sculpture and painting, binding the two through multi-faceted structures. She responds to the complexities of colour through nuanced hues which are enhanced by the translucence of her silks. Gilroy’s works communicate a sense of fragility, silence, softness and ephemerality while also relying on structure and shape.

In absence of, 14 Sept – 9 Oct, 2020
Within and Without, 14 Oct – 1 Nov, 2019

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