Thomas Hancock

Thomas Hancock was born in the Hutt Valley. After completing his MFA in Painting at Ilam School of Fine Arts in 2016, he moved to Melbourne, furthering his studio practice as well as foraying into mural painting. In 2020 Thomas moved back to New Zealand to Otepoti, Dunedin where he currently works out of his studio in the iconic King Edwards Court Building.

‘Once Removed’ brings together paintings representing a variety of subjects and categories; found objects, imagined objects and created objects, repositioned as still life, photographs, digital and hand-made drawings and three-dimensional works, described by Hancock as a ‘middle ground’ prior to their resolution as paintings.
 – Warren Feeney

Thomas Hancock’s practice imbues a sense of familiarity, exploring the way in which we perceive objects, using uncanny viewpoints and lighting techniques to obscure their identity and give them a sense of mystery and allure. Hancock uses this suspended state of recognition through photographic and painting processes which dislocate the subject from its original setting and reimagine them with a new life.


2022 – Once Removed