PGdouble_arch_sm72dpi4 – 22 Dec – Xmas’18, group exhibition:  William Bennett, Philippa Blair, Tony Bond, Roger Boyce, Nigel Buxton, Rebecca Harris, Viv Kepes, Katharina Jaeger, Euan Macleod, Marian Maguire, Richard McWhannell, Donna-Marie Patterson, Chris Pole, James Robinson, Terry Stringer, Ana-Catalina Vicuna  

SUMMER BREAK – The gallery closes at 2pm, Sat 22 Dec
and will re-open Tues 15 Jan, 2019.
* We will be coming and going from the gallery and responding to messages and web orders during summer so please contact us if you have any queries or would like to visit. 

15 Jan – 15 Feb – Revolving Summer Show

19 Feb – 15 March – Viv Kepes and Chris Pole
OPENING: Mon 18 Feb, 5.30pm

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